Color solid ink and its printer working principle

Most people think that ink must be liquid, but now there is a printing technology that uses solid ink, which is often referred to as "phase change ink" or "hot melt ink." Usually, these names can be freely exchanged, but the name "solid ink" can only be used in the de ----more

Pangea Organics biodegradable packaging that can take r…

Pangea Organics Ecocentric Bodycare is a leading manufacturer of organic personal care products in Boulder, Colorado. It is committed to producing 100% plant-based products. A year ago Pangea Organics redesigned its entire product line. UFP Technologies offers biodegradable and renewable molded fi ----more

CAMA Case Packer for Display Box and Wrapping Wrap Appl…

CAMA's product line adds a new member, a case packer for display cases and winding wrap applications. This case packer is equipped with three different capping modules, which are compact, flexible, and fast, with excellent performance. The new machine is capable of handling different packages, ----more

Japan's waste plastic recycling

Japan is the world’s second largest plastic producer and consumer after the United States. Its annual output of plastics exceeds 14 million tons, and its consumption is nearly 10 million tons. At present, waste plastics discharge is approximately 9 million tons, and waste plastics account f ----more

Green Packaging and Harmonious Society

Do not treat me when dealing with environmental pollution Nowadays, the earth resources on which we rely to survive are gradually depleting. The environmental pollution is also destroying the ecological balance, the quality of life, and the sustainable development of the economy. These are all fa ----more

The taste of choice - the use of special technology in …

The Mid-Autumn Festival on August 15 of the Chinese lunar calendar is one of the most humane traditional festivals in China. As early as in "Book of Rites," there is a record of "Autumn Moon in the Autumn Moon", which is to worship the Moon God in Mid-Autumn Festival, and the m ----more

New concept of packaging concept

After any product is commercialized, it needs to be packaged. Packaging is an indispensable part of the production, storage, sales, and human social life of modern commodities. In the packaging general terminology of our country's national standard (CB4122-83), the definition of packaging is & ----more