Method for preserving microorganisms in tea

【Patent Type】 Invention Patent 【Patent Name】 Method for Microbiological Biological Preservation of Tea 【Applicant】 Nanjing Agricultural University 【Inventor】 Lu Zhaoxin; Hu Qiuhui; Cao Yezhong 【Master Applicant】 210095 No. 1, Weigang ----more

Vision system helps pharmaceutical companies solve labe…

For pharmaceutical companies, various regulations and routine production practices need to more accurately grasp the information in the production process. In addition, from an economical point of view, companies also hope that production will be more efficient. For the labels of pharmaceutical pr ----more

Non-heat-treated or lightly processed food packaging

Currently, packaging technologies for non-heat-treated or lightly processed foods are constantly evolving and innovating. At the IFT annual meeting and the food exhibition, countries demonstrated their advanced technologies, and through the application of these technologies, the quality and safety ----more

Xeikon Print Protector (print protector)

For a long time, digital printers have been expecting digital presses to provide on-line glazing capabilities to protect digital print products from damage during delivery. Now, Kodak's NexPress sheet-fed digital presses and Xeikon's web-fed digital presses have this capability. In additio ----more

A packaging sleeve for coil packaging of metal wire coi…

Application (Patent) No. CN200520122757.4 Filing Date: 2005.09.28 Name: A packing sleeve used for coil packaging of metal wire coils (publication) No.: CN2782603 Date of Publication (Advertisement): 2006.05.24 Main Classification Code: B65D85/04(2006.01)I Divisional original application number: Cl ----more

Japan: Fruit and vegetable cling film

Japanese experts made a disposable fruit and vegetable cling film, which consists of two highly-permeable nylon semi-packing machines 'target=_blank' and a transparent film with high-permeability sand sugar syrup between the two layers. The use of this cling film to package fruits and vege ----more

BYK Chemical Printing Ink Additives

Printing inks and overprinting oils require good wetting of various substrates, excellent surface protection and defoaming, and good pigment stability. BYK Chemicals offers aqueous and solvent-based auxiliaries for conventional drying and radiation-curing systems. Source: 21st Century Fine Chemic ----more