The knowledge behind lipstick

Make-up can be roughly divided into basic make-up and partial make-up. If the product that represents the basic make-up is foundation, then the product that represents the partial make-up is lipstick . Let's take a look at the knowledge behind lipstick, what kind of conditions and characteristi ----more

How to be healthy and beautiful?

The importance of eyelashes is known to all, but it has always been a topic on the surface, wearing false eyelashes or using mascara, beautiful eyelashes, but suffering from the eyelashes themselves, it is very important to protect it. So how do you get healthy and beautiful ? Eyelash tool The 20 ----more

2011 Bridal Makeup Trend: Intense

2011 Summer is a vibrant season, flowers, bridal makeup is full of summer color, such as angel-like through the tropical jungle birds, butterflies Pianfei looming as flowers, a red-letter build. Butterfly shadow cluster A colorful butterfly turns into a delicate makeup in the daytime, if it is ----more

Nightclub makeup

Every weekend, the busy work is over, and many MMs like to relax at the bar. Under the glory of the lights, which nightclub makeup can make you instantly become the focus of everyone? Let's take a look at the unique style of the nightclub babes! Super deep eye sockets The nightclub's li ----more

How does a woman wash her head healthier?

Nowadays, more and more hair products, let us wash our hair not only for cleaning, but more importantly to maintain the health of our hair. For women, how many times is the best and healthiest hair? Should I wash my hair for a few days? Chinese medicine advice: 1. It is best to wash your head th ----more

Lipstick: the combination of tradition and modernity

Since ancient times, one of the first and most obvious manifestations of women's temperament has been a little powdery, red, white, and graceful. Among them, makeup, especially lipstick, is one of the biggest heroes. Millions of little girls spend hours working in front of the mirror on how to ----more

Child waste utilization by hand: butterfly

Child waste utilization by hand: butterfly 1. Use a brush or finger to paint the roll blue and dry. 2. Pull out the shape on the cardboard (four wings, two antennae) 3. Stick the adhesive to the four wings. 4. Stick the two wings together moderately and stick the two y ----more