Shoe cabinets are placed in the university, bad feng sh…

Page 1: Shoe cabinet is placed in the Tibetan University. Bad feng shui affects sleep and health. Page 2: Shoe cabinet placed in the University of Tibet, bad feng shui affects sleep and health Feng Shui theory believes that the improper decoration and decoration of the bedroom can lead to serious ----more

Appreciation of a cup of creative cups

Page 1: Appreciation of a cup of creative cups Page 2: Appreciation of a cup of creative cups Many people like to send cups to their closest friends and lovers. The cups have a special meaning in addition to being very practical. The homonym of the cup is "a lifetime", a cup means a lif ----more

Supermodel Agyness Deyn New York Fashion Apartment

Page 1: Supermodel Agyness Deyn New York Fashion Apartment Page 2: Supermodel Agyness Deyn New York Fashion Apartment The popular Ayose Deyn intends to sell an apartment in New York, and we finally have the opportunity to go to her home to "explore". The design style of the apartment ro ----more

Resisting Sub-health Treadmills to Lead a New Way of He…

In today's highly competitive Chinese workplace, the status of the word "healthy" has been minimized. The phenomenon of "taking money for life when you are young and changing your life when you are old" is very serious. China has now become one of the countries with the lon ----more

Li Wei's big wedding ç ¸ 20 million US dollars wedd…

Li Wei and the 53-year-old president of Hong Kong Li & Fung Group Bruce held a century wedding. Bruce is worth more than NT$9 billion. He was named one of the world's top 50 CEOs by American magazines. They trust each other and never consider signing a pre-marriage agreement. Friends and re ----more

BEAUME brings Spanish outdoor brand GRIFONE to appear a…

Outdoor pioneer brand BEAUME BeiKe wins the favor of outdoor consumers with its technology fabrics, excellent workmanship and meticulous details. BEAUME North Beijing will present its Spring/Summer 2012 products under the brand “Let Me Free Unrestrained Travel Concept” at the ISPO BEIJ ----more

Jin Baoyi Chen Jinda: Promoting standardized products

Chen Jinda, Chairman of Jinbaoyi Industry The wooden door industry is a custom industry and it is difficult to mass produce. At the beginning of the industry, wooden doors were made at the construction site. Now it has become a model for quantitative production and on-site installation in the fact ----more