The idea of ​​designing art

The prevalence of theorists can be said to be a major landscape in the contemporary art world and a miracle in the history of art. The theorist is the authority of contemporary art and the mastermind of contemporary art. With the guidance of theorists, the artist performed contemporary art. Art farce. Due to the manipulation of theorists, the aesthetics of art was turned to the concept, and the evaluation of works was no longer dependent on the level of artistic standards, but on the importance of the issues concerned. Art is no longer a manifestation of truth, goodness and beauty. Artists are similar to journalists and they pay attention to social issues while ignoring the good feelings of life and art.

Most art theorists are art critics who have few artistic talents before they engage in art criticism. Even some theorists have studied history or philosophy and other majors. They have nothing to do with art, but disgruntled artists reverse the theory. When the family came to work, the painter took the theorist’s thoughts in order to satisfy the theorist. Some art theories are logically reasonable, but it is a pity that art is not a product of logic. The misdirection of logical thinking has detracted from art. It is really ridiculous that non-painting theorists actually package these inferior art and even non-artistic things into elite art and avant-garde art.

Artwork will surely become a commodity. With the painter's reputation, the price of his works will become astronomical. This is the law of artistic behavior. Some contemporary artists may, first of all, sell paintings and make a fortune before they can become famous painters. According to the direction of money, artists find the position of art. Businesses are the gods of the art market, but the business is not entirely a person who understands art. In the process of responding to the tastes of the business people, the painter loses his pursuit of goals and the art flows naturally to vulgarity and mediocrity. In the market, the “artists” who fought and fought were successfully achieved with extremely high IQ. This is a time when the culture has set up a stage and the economy is singing. When the opera sings, this platform is out of sight of people.

The exhibition is the main propaganda means of today's fine arts. In the short-term display, visual capture is crucial. Artists have excessively pursued the display effect of the works, resulting in a large number of freaks for masterpieces and artistic geeks. Contemporary art has become a fashion with false air and bizarre ugliness. Together with the non-artistic hype effect, some simple, peaceful, intrinsic, and tasteful works are overshadowed. Just as in the downtown area, the low-lying and elegantly elegant sounds have been engulfed by the hawker's cries. The hawkers are still too noisy enough and have put on loudspeakers. Only when they quarrel, can they get fired.

In the crowd, a big man is higher than one. You naturally notice him first. When you live with them for a long time, perhaps a little man will slowly conquer you. If you are not valued in it, you can't wait to scream in the crowd, or make some unusual bizarre, and it will immediately attract everyone's attention, but this kind of attention is temporary, even at this time. It does not necessarily make people feel good about it. When we walk on the street, it happens to be a lunatic frenzy. As long as there is no matter what matters, we will stop and look at the excitement. But when this madman breaks into your home, how do you treat it? If you hang those ugly and frantic works home, I am afraid that even the author himself is difficult to accept. Therefore, only the museum is the home of these monsters.

Artists are becoming more and more passive. They have lost scale in the competition, lost their precious autonomy in the process of pleasing the theorists, favoring the expensive, and pleasing the merchants. Only a few artists with very strong self-consciousness refuse to join this deformed team. Despite their various interferences, they have persisted in this indifferent attitude and indulge in this pure land and maintained their independence. Personality charm. When social laws and regulations are gradually perfected, they will naturally re-enter order, and art will naturally return to its original position, restore its aesthetic attributes, and return to the sense of beauty and composition. Just like in life, people have a time of nonsense, but after they have been beaten, they have to live in peace.