CorelDRAW drawing goldfish feed three-dimensional packaging process (3)

At this time, the bottom right position of the box is still relatively blank. We can consider drawing some vegetation of water plants to fill it here. The botanical motifs in the art brush are again a good material for our creation. Therefore, after we click on the "Art Pen Tool", we still choose the "spray can" mode. Then select the “shamrocks” item in the “spray list file list” of the mode property box to the effect of clover. Then draw a shorter path in the work area is enough, not too much. The effect is shown in Figure 10.

The clover pattern is separated from the art brush by the menu "Arrangement - Split Art Pen Group" command. Then click on the "Effects - Adjustment - Color Balance" command in the menu to start the "Color Balance" setting window. Then, the clover pattern is color-adjusted according to the setting parameters in FIG. 11 . The clover's pattern color can be coordinated with the main color of the box.

After completion, the clover pattern is properly scaled and placed in the lower right position of the box. As shown in Figure 12.

In order to make the whole box more vivid in the atmosphere of goldfish, we can use the "Ellipse Tool" to draw some white round bubbles of different sizes on the box with the Ctrl key pressed. Then, right-click the colorless button at the top of the color bar to cancel the outline color of these small bubbles, as shown in Figure 13.

When all the objects in the box are selected at the same time, and then click the "Arrange - Group" command of the menu and combine it into a group object, the drawing of the front of the box is completed. Next, let's draw the bottom of the box again. Because only when the bottom and side images are drawn and completed, can they be assembled into a complete three-dimensional packaging box.

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