CorelDRAW drawing goldfish feed three-dimensional packaging process (1)

In CorelDRAW, we can use the three-dimensional function to create realistic three-dimensional perspective effects for some images. On this basis, we can add corresponding bottom, side, and projections along the perspective of the three-dimensional image. If so, the three-dimensional image can be rendered more realistic! Moreover, this method is particularly suitable for the packaging design of goods. Therefore, in the textbook of this example, we will learn how to use the function of the CorelDRAW stereoscopic to make the box appear three-dimensionally by drawing a box of goldfish feed.

Start CorelDRAW and create a new file. In order to make it easier to fill in the various colors for the object in the next drawing, we first click on the menu "window - docker - color" command to call up the "palette" docker, and in the color type Choose RGB. As shown in Figure 01.

Let's draw the front of this box first. Click the "Rectangle tool" on the toolbar and draw a rectangle in the work area. Then set the width and height of the rectangle to 69 and 39 mm in the property bar of the rectangle. Then in the "Palette" docker, set the rectangle fill color RGB values: R = 246, G = 189, B = 0. Right-click the colorless button at the top of the color bar to cancel its outline color. The effect is shown in Figure 02.

Click on the "hand-painted tool", and in its property box, set the value of "hand-painted smooth" to 100, and then draw a wavy irregularly shaped wave coil along the four sides in this rectangle to simulate water wave effect. . Then set the fill color for the object in the Palette docker. The RGB values ​​are: R=255, G=245, B=0. Then right-click the colorless button at the top of the color bar to cancel its outline color, as shown in Fig.03.

Let's draw a goldfish below. First select the "Art Pen Tool" in the toolbar, and then select "Spray Can" mode in its property bar, as shown in Figure 04.

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