New Packaging Times, New Packaging Consciousness (I)

Abstract: This article, by the role of commodity packaging, and the packaging situation in China today, leads to a new era of packaging awareness and regards packaging as a semi-independent commodity. To sum up, it is to be light, thin, short, small, easy to carry, to combine environmental awareness, advocate green ideas, pay attention to selection, highlight design, can cause consumers to buy motives, and to be eye-catching and have affinity, also To accumulate corporate image.

【Keywords】 packaging design corporate image packaging awareness


For advertisers in the new century, we must be clear about the rapid development of advertising. That is, we have entered a new era of packaging. Packaging is no longer just an external protection of goods. It has become a semi-independent commodity. . The same product can be in different grades because of different packaging.

My paper is to explore the packaging awareness that we should have in the new era of packaging. In a nutshell, it is light, thin, short, small, and portable. It is necessary to combine environmental awareness, advocate green ideas, pay attention to selection, and highlight design. This can motivate consumers to purchase, and they must be eye-catching and have affinity. To accumulate corporate image.


As the saying goes, "People rely on clothes, and Buddhas rely on gold." In my opinion, the packaging design is the clothes of people and the gold of Buddhas. For the packaging design image, it is the appearance of the product and the appearance of the brand. It can not only show the product's personality, but also can accumulate corporate image.

Take a look at the packaging design of food in the market, it will favor warm colors, soft packaging, and the use of soft fonts, because it will cause people's appetite and desire to buy.

And science and technology products? They are more inclined to cool colors, embody a kind of boldness and decisiveness, and blue is considered as a technology color because of the calmness, broadness, tolerance, and calmness that they exhibit. This will give people hope and progress. feel.

When we enter shopping malls, supermarkets, shops, and even canteens and small stalls, we can see all kinds of goods and packaging.

When we are standing in front of many commodities, especially those products that we are not familiar with, we are not familiar with the characteristics (because the new products are so much now, what we need, besides choice or choice), how will we choose?

In reality, usually in this situation, many people start with packaging and start with the external image of the product. This is the importance of commodity packaging design, especially in today's high-speed development, which is originally a means of competition.

So what kind of packaging design will be a strong stimulus to attract the attention of consumers, let consumers buy it? This requires us to design artworks that require packaging design.

So, what is the status of packaging design in China?

In the export trade business of China's mainland, poor quality goods packaging was once the most critical factor affecting the product image and sales efficiency of China, and this issue has not yet been fundamentally resolved. We saw such a message in the newspaper. Like a packet of tea, the same quality and weight as Taiwanese traders use beautiful packaging, export exchange swaps can get ten dollars, while mainland manufacturers only after rough and rough packaging, in the same There is only one dollar in the store, and foreign consumers are not interested in this one dollar of continental tea. They feel that the packaging is poor.

China's packaging industry has just begun to receive attention, low level of development, exquisite packaging design is not universal, there are still misunderstandings in the concept of packaging design, need to work hard to learn advanced countries packaging concept and design level.

We can say that the packaging design of goods is a comprehensive strategic process.

So, for a product that needs to be packaged and designed, what is the packaging strategy that designers need to consider first? In my opinion, we should start from the following aspects:

What is the packaging material for this product? Where is it displayed? What is its packaging commitment? What is the difference between it and competing products? What are some special considerations when displaying? What are the concerns of the series of products it corresponds to? What are the necessary elements that must be put on the packaging? And what are the preferences of the buyers of the products for packaging? And what are the requirements for this package by the user of the product? There are also other ideas for designer creativity.

For the new century's advertisers, we have entered a new era of packaging. In this era, packaging is no longer just external protection of goods. Designers not only need to pay attention to the physical functions of packaging, but also need to grasp the psychological function of packaging, namely Attracting consumers' attention draws consumers' interest and has the function of symbolizing the meaning of the goods. In other words: packaging has also become a semi-independent commodity.

What kind of packaging awareness should we have in the new packaging era?

1) Light, thin, short, and small.

Looking at modern people's lifestyles, mobile phones are getting smaller, thinner and lighter, and computers and televisions need to be ultra-clear and ultra-thin. Modern people's portable items are also light, thin and short. ,small……

As a result, today's goods require good quality, light weight, small size, and occupying less space. Of course, food and the like are excluded, but the packaging design of goods must be in addition to reliable quality and can play a role in external protection. Should be as light as possible, thin, short, and small.

Just like food packaging for crockery, it is fragile and difficult to handle, but what if it is replaced by plastic packaging? If you want to say that some products can't be used to protect goods from being wrapped in paper, whether it can be packaged with light iron or degradable plastic.

2) Combine environmental awareness and promote green ideas.

The beauty of nature, everyone can feel; some people not only stop feeling, but also produce joy, this kind of love, is for the 'fun'; more people love it, I feel the light is carrying There are still deficiencies, which in turn create new forms and incorporate beauty into them. This creation of beauty is 'art'.

And packaging is such an art of creating beauty!

According to the art of nature, or the artistic expression of nature is very simple, like a leaf, a sun. There are mountains and seas with different scenery, but their impression on our hearts is the same, it is complete, it is harmony, which is beauty.

Packaging this art of creating beauty should also be to create integrity, harmony, and beauty. However, in the present society, while we are creating beauty, we must also ensure that this does not undermine the beauty of nature itself. This requires designers to promote environmental protection awareness (whether in materials or reuse) and advocate green ideas.