Packaging Education Reform (2)

(3) Cultivate the direction of packaging management According to the international research on the framework of packaging disciplines, the modern packaging discipline includes three branches: packaging social sciences, packaging science and packaging technology sciences, among which the packaging social science system architecture mainly includes packaging management. Science, Packaging Economics, Packaging Marketing, Packaging Marketing, Packaging Psychology, Packaging Standardization and Regulation, Packaging Logistics, Packaging Environment, etc. After China's accession to the WTO, the packaging industry has become more urgent for packaging technology professionals who are both familiar with packaging theory and good at packaging management. However, colleges and universities in our country have not yet formed talent training programs that are both familiar with packaging theory and good at packaging management. At present, the packaging department of the College of Printing and Packaging Engineering of Xi'an University of Technology has begun to study the framework of the packaging social disciplines, develop training programs for packaging management personnel, collect, organize, write packaging management, packaging economics, packaging marketing, packaging psychology, packaging Standards and regulations, packaging environment and other curriculum materials.
It is worth noting that optimizing curriculum settings and teaching content, and strengthening the reform and research of professional textbooks and experimental content is one of the important topics in promoting the construction of packaging engineering. For example, the reform and study of professional textbooks and experimental content such as green packaging, anti-counterfeit packaging, security printing, and bar code technology. The second meeting of the Sub-Committee for Packaging Engineering Professional Education of National Universities in November 2001 clearly stated: "The construction of textbooks is a basic construction for undergraduate teaching. Packaging engineering is a new profession and it has the characteristics of comprehensive cross-over. It has a close relationship with the development of science and technology, has a close connection with the requirements of the talent market, and has updated the content of textbooks quickly. This has laid a good foundation for further advancement of professional construction in packaging universities in China.
4 Development of theoretical systems for packaging disciplines The packaging discipline is a comprehensive discipline in an interdisciplinary group that organically absorbs and integrates new theories, new materials, new technologies, and new processes in different disciplines, and addresses product protection from the perspective of systems engineering. Comprehensive issues in the circulation of storage and transportation and sales promotion are the characteristics of the packaging discipline and the source of life. Based on the basic theories and analytical methods of contemporary packaging disciplines, Prof. Song Baofeng elaborated on two major issues concerning packaging that already meet all the conditions of a discipline and that packaging disciplines already embody the characteristics of comprehensive disciplines in an interdisciplinary group. Prof. Pan Songnian also discussed the theoretical system of packaging graduate education and packaging disciplines. Prof. Dechang Dean gave an in-depth explanation of the meaning, scope, purpose, and basic contents of modern packaging dynamics. Professor Wang Zhiwei elaborated on buffer packaging theory, fragility theory, packaging materials, packaging containers and buffer packaging design methods. With regard to the problems of packaging mechanics, the subject system of modern packaging mechanics was preliminarily constructed. With regard to the further development and improvement of the theoretical system of packaging disciplines, the author believes that research on basic theories and applied technologies such as packaging materials science, transportation packaging science and packaging technology should be strengthened.
(1) Packaging materials, such as the characteristics and application of packaging materials, new buffer packaging materials, edible packaging materials, biodegradable (photolysis, biodegradation, light/oxygen degradation, water degradation) packaging materials, packaging waste recycling, Use and processing technologies and environmental protection technologies, printability of packaging materials, etc.
(2) Transport packaging, such as product damage mechanism, fragility theory, theory and design of buffer and vibration-proof packaging, mechanical properties of transport packaging containers, structural design, standardization of circulation environmental conditions, assessment methods, buffer packaging CAD, etc.
(3) Packaging technology such as theoretical basis for chemistry, microbiology and meteorology of packaging technology, chemical protective packaging technology (rust-proof packaging, vacuum packaging, pneumatic packaging), biological protection packaging technology (anti-mold packaging, aseptic packaging, Anti-insect packaging), environmental protection packaging technology (moisture-proof packaging, waterproof packaging) and so on.
5 Concluding remarks The 21st century is a historical period in which the development of economic globalization will take place. It is also a period of great development in China's packaging education. Faced with greater opportunities and more severe challenges, packaging education should be based on the characteristics and development trend of modern packaging industry. Adhere to the fundamental purpose of providing intellectual resources for the packaging industry, actively adjust and optimize curriculum settings and teaching content, and strive to cultivate compound talents suitable for the development needs of the modern packaging industry.

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