Socialist publishing industry with Chinese characteristics (center)

Continue to Deepen the Reform of the Publishing System The report of the 16th National Party Congress stated: We must "accord with the characteristics and laws of socialist spiritual civilization construction and adapt to the requirements of the development of the socialist market economy, promote the reform of the cultural system, and pay close attention to formulating the overall plan for the reform of the cultural system." He also stressed that "combining deepening reform with adjusting structure and promoting development". This is the basic requirement for the publication of socialist cultural work in China in the new century. It is also an important principle that must be followed to build and develop a publishing industry with Chinese characteristics.
Strengthen management as the focus of continuing to deepen the reform of the publishing system. Publications must adhere to the correct political direction, which is determined by the socialist nature and tasks of our publishing work. The more emphasis is placed on development, the more reform and opening up, the more necessary it is to strengthen management, so as to ensure that the publication work always adheres to the correct direction.
The first is to strengthen and improve publishing administrative work. In general, there are still many problems in the management of publishing, such as direct management, indirect control, infrequent use of administrative means, less comprehensive use of tools, more micro-management, less macro-management and classified guidance, lack of implementation of the system, and inadequate management. All of these require us to effectively improve and perfect our management system, management practices, and management tools.
The second is to strengthen the construction of publishing legal system. While continuing to strengthen the legislative work, we must pay special attention to managing according to law and step up law enforcement supervision.
The third is to strengthen the internal management of publishing units. The low level of business management, high cost, and high consumption are common problems in China's newspapers, periodicals, audio-visual and electronic publishing units, publishing and printing companies. It is necessary to fully implement enterprise-oriented management within the publishing unit, strengthen internal management, reduce costs, reduce consumption, and effectively improve economic efficiency. It is necessary to speed up the pace of personnel and distribution system reforms, establish a system of merit selection, and a mechanism that enables energy efficiency and energy efficiency.
Optimize the structure as the key to deepening the reform of the publishing system. Optimizing the structure is the most essential requirement for the reform of the publishing system, and it is an important way to promote the periodical transfer of the publishing work from the growth of the scale to the improvement of the quality and efficiency. Specifically, the optimized structure contains the following:
Industrial structure optimization. To optimize the industrial structure of the publishing industry, it is necessary to increase the degree of publication intensification as the focus of publishing reforms and promote mergers and alliances as a breakthrough. Through structural adjustment, a number of publishing bases that radiate national or regional markets and publishing centers that rely on publishing bases have been established, and a number of large-scale or super-large-scale publishing groups with sales of more than one billion or several billion yuan have been nurtured.
Product structure optimization. To optimize the product structure, we must aim at achieving a new pattern of rich and diverse publications, multiple levels of service objects, and diversified varieties, and change the status quo of excessively large proportion of textbooks and supplementary books in the book publishing industry as soon as possible, according to market demand. Accelerate the pace of general book publishing and distribution, and maximize the publication market. When adjusting the product structure, special attention should be paid to actively nurturing new economic growth points and revitalizing stock assets to add stamina to the development of the publishing industry.
Price structure optimization. The goal of price structure adjustment is to establish a market price system and to price publishing resources and publishing production factors through the market. In addition to continuing national pricing for textbooks for secondary technical secondary schools and textbooks for primary and secondary schools, other publications should be priced by the publishing unit based on the cost of paper, the printing price and the number of copies, and the pricing of publications should be released to the market.
Distribution structure adjustments. It is necessary to further adjust the distribution structure of interest within the publishing industry and promote the printing industry to become a new economic growth point for the publishing industry. For a long time, China's printing industry has been used as a supporting service industry for the publishing industry, and its subsidiarity is greater than its independence. In addition, due to the lack of economic policies, it is difficult for China's existing printing equipment to undergo technological transformation and it is difficult to change the face of backwardness. Therefore, the adjustment of the distribution of interests within the publishing industry, the formation of a mutually linked and mutually restricting production system between publishing and printing, and the promotion of technological upgrading of printing equipment will drive the publishing industry to a new level.
Asset structure optimization. The purpose of optimizing the asset structure is to revitalize the stock assets and increase the value of state-owned assets. To optimize the asset structure, capital must be used as a link, and through joint, merger, and shareholding cooperation, the capital will be concentrated in the dominant publishing house to form economies of scale and intensive operations. Through institutional reforms, effective state-owned assets management, supervision, and operation mechanisms will be established to ensure the preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets and to enhance the overall strength and competitiveness of the publishing industry.
Publishing talent structure optimization. To optimize the publishing talent structure, the goal is to improve the overall quality of the publishing team, cultivate a group of modern publishers in the new century, and create a group of high-level publishing administrative cadres, business leaders, management experts and skilled craftsmen. We must make full use of the favorable conditions for setting up professional disciplines related to the publishing industry in colleges and universities, and cultivate publishing talents with high overall quality.
To improve quality as a key point in promoting the periodical transfer of the publishing industry. Improving quality and efficiency and taking the path of connotative development are the basic ways for the prosperity and development of the publishing industry, and they are also the key points for continuing the periodical transfer of the publishing industry. (To be continued)

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