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A new type of cushioned packaging that is particularly suitable for packaging and transportation in the food industry was recently developed by the 3M Packaging Corporation of the United States.

This 3M air cushion package is made of durable plastic and the basic structure is a bag. The so-called bag in the package is in a bag and there is a package and the shape of the object to be kept consistent, and the outer package to form a protective air cushion, effectively hanging objects in the bag. This design is very simple, the object needs to be placed in a plastic pouch, and then use 3M inflatable equipment to inflate the bag, when the bag is fully swelled, you can completely ease loading into the box shipping or vehicle transport And no matter how far away, there is no need to worry about food being squeezed and deformed. The new packaging was tested by a number of packaging engineers at 3M and used different pressures to test the bearing capacity of the packaging. Experiments have shown that 3M air cushioned packaging really protects the transportation of the goods and is used to transport soft foods. To facilitate, in addition can also be used for the transportation of high-end food and beverages.

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