Can empty container paid recovery device

Cans cans of empty tanks paid recovery device mainly includes shell, stepper motor, eccentric wheel, guide rod, front pressure block, rear pressure block, coin barrel, push coin insert, storage tank box, tank inlet, tank outlet, chute And coin pallets. When the empty cans of the cans are put into the recovery device, they fall between the front pressure block and the rear pressure block, and at the same time, the control circuit of the stepping motor is turned on, so that the stepping motor rotates once, the stepping motor drives the eccentric rotation, and the eccentric wheel drives. The guide rod reciprocates in the same plane and drives the press blocks to move forwards, which can flatten the empty cans of the cans. Pushing the coin inserts to push the coins out during the return journey can make the empty cans of the flattened cans relax when returning. The tank hole enters the tank cylinder.

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