U.S. has successfully developed a new oxygen scavenger resin protective film

A few days ago, Valspar Corporation successfully developed ValOR, a new type of oxygen scavenger protective film.

It is reported that ValOR protective film is divided into two categories, one for the PET material has a reinforcing effect, and the Other can weaken the strength of PET. The protective film can be used as an adhesive layer for multi-layer containers, and can also be mixed with PET material to produce a single-generalized PET container. The raw materials of ValOR resin film are all made of the company's resin materials. Compared to other resin protective films commonly used for multilayer PET structures, new products are more difficult to produce delamination and have inherent transparency characteristics. ValOR resin film is mainly used for the production of beer and carbonated beverage packaging containers, in addition to the decontamination function, as well as oxygen and carbon dioxide resistance.

The new product will be exhibited at the 20th PET Food and Beverage Containers International Conference (NOVA-PACK AMERICAS 2006) in Florida, February 5-7 next year. The conference was sponsored by Schotland Business Research Inc.

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