Unique application of corrugated cardboard

With the change of commodity distribution channels and market sales situation, improvement of corrugated paperboard products and their structures is imperative. All kinds of corrugated cardboard products with the characteristics of the times and novel structure emerged as the times require. At the same time, along with the birth of each new structure, there is a corresponding new packaging system or special equipment available. It can be said that the emergence of various new types of corrugated paper and carton products will bring about changes in the corrugated box industry. In recent years, with the rapid development of packaging technology, a number of new products with unique features of corrugated board are being sold to domestic and foreign markets.

Paper buffer corrugated products

1. Corrugated cardboard cushions are favored by the cosmetics industry

Corrugated cardboard cushioning liners are lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to recycle. It can replace EPS materials and is an ideal environmentally friendly packaging material. The corrugated board cushioning pad has the carrying capacity and the buffering capacity, satisfies the requirement of positioning the product in the outer package, and also has the advantages of simple structure, reduced cost, and easy assembly.

Now, many perfumes, cosmetics, etc. are lined with micro-corrugated cardboard, such as Lancome, Chanel, Davidoff, etc., both to improve the packaging's compressive strength, but also improve the packaging grade. Many digital and small home appliances are lined with micro-corrugated cardboard to replace traditional buffer materials such as EPE and EPS. Due to the selection of a piece of fine corrugated cardboard and the selection of high-strength corrugated base paper, it can save costs and be more environmentally friendly.

2. Box paper shockproof inner liner

The outline of the outer edge of the inner cushion of the paper shockproof liner in the box is the same as the shape of the inner cavity of the packing box. The packaging parts of the basic body have the depressions and projections matched to the shapes of the packed objects. The support layers in the basic body are lined with hard materials such as bamboo. Plant fiber, the inner layer of the matrix is ​​filled with rice, wheat, hemp or cereal straw, and the matrix is ​​formed by corrugated paper. This kind of shock-proof inner liner is lined with hard plant fibers on the one hand, which increases the strength and prevents deformation due to extrusion; the inner layer is filled with rice, wheat, hemp or cereal straws, which can fix and buffer the packaging. Role, improve the impact resistance. On the other hand, the issue of recycling and utilization of abandoned plant stalks of farmers has been solved, which not only saves resources but also protects the ecological environment. It also reduces and saves the production cost of inner liners.

3. Paper angle steel and paper channel steel

Changhong has adopted a new paper angle steel for rear projection and air conditioning, which has reduced costs. In 2003, it consumed 2 million square meters of honeycomb paperboard, 1.5 million square meters of paper angle steel and paper channel steel. Through profit assessment and cost accounting, the company has contributed more than 3 million yuan in profit. Under the guidance of the concept of environmental protection and science and technology, we have successively developed a series of new environmentally-friendly packagings, such as corrugated liners, honeycomb packaging, and paper profile packaging, which have the world-class level and style of home appliance packaging. Now Changhong Packaging Co., Ltd. has become the largest paper products manufacturer in Southwest China.

Paper-based wood high-strength corrugated paperboard

1. Anglo-Japanese joint production of paper-based corrugated cardboard

David Smith Packaging of the United Kingdom and TBI-Wallkk of Japan jointly produced TRI-WALLPAK corrugated cardboard, a new packaging material made of paper and wood, whose technical performance conforms to the United States national standard PPD-6400 and the world's 42 national government standards. The packaging corrugated board has large capacity and light weight, and the weight of the box is only 25-30% of the weight of the wooden box with the same volume, and the strength is high, the water resistance is good, the sealing is strong, and the buffer effect is good; the design is beautiful and practical, flexible and diversified, It saves storage space, is suitable for folding and stacking, and is easy to carry; specially designed cartons can be reused.

2. Sweden develops new high-strength cardboard

A Swedish company has developed a new type of high-strength paperboard that can be used to make boxes that are strong, strong, and resistant to collisions and that can effectively protect the contents inside. This new type of cardboard is embedded with plastic balls. The manufacturing process is as follows: First, a large number of air-filled plastic balls with a diameter of 0.01 mm are blended into the pulp and then processed into cardboard. Since the gas in the plastic pellets expands during the processing of the cardboard, the diameter of the plastic pellet expands to 0.05 mm. At the same time, the cardboard is naturally squeezed by the expansion of the plastic pellets, and its texture becomes more solid, so it has a high strength.

3. Super corrugated honeycomb composite board

The super corrugated honeycomb composite panel includes a surface layer, a corrugated paper layer, and a flat paper layer sandwiched between corrugated paper layers. The corrugated paper layer and the flat paper layer are parallel to each other and disposed between the two layers and pasted and formed. The corrugated surface of the corrugated paper layer is substantially perpendicular to the surface layer. The corrugated paper composite board is composed of two or more layers of corrugated cardboard which are laminated and pressed together, and the alignment direction of the corrugated paper layers in the adjacent layers is at an angle. This kind of super corrugated honeycomb composite board has the same structure in all directions, so that it has the same anti-folding force, the overall bearing weight is strengthened, it is not easy to break, and the application range is wide.

4. High-strength corrugated paper composite board

Wenzhou Zhongshen Board Industry Co., Ltd. developed a "high-strength corrugated paper composite board." The new product draws on the shape of the array structure of honeycomb core board, changes the corrugated paper horizontal arrangement structure of the traditional corrugated cardboard, innovatively adopts a corrugated paper vertical close arrangement structure, high strength, and has excellent compression, bending and cushioning properties. Replace heavy duty corrugated cardboard, honeycomb paperboard and wood board packaging, is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging materials. The production equipment of this product is not large, the production process is relatively simple, and the production cost is not high, which is more in line with the development direction of the development of new products by small and medium cardboard boxes.

5. New materials to replace wood

The material is mainly composed of crop stalks, combined with macromolecular chemical raw materials such as PP, PVC and other auxiliary materials, and processed into various products with modern industrial equipment. Compared with traditional raw materials, the product has high waterproof, fireproof, anti-mite, acid-proof, surface rub-resistant, no chemical reaction, no radioactive, easy to clean, anti-aging, non-breakable, light weight, high strength, excellent environmental protection Features. The process adopts international leading technologies such as low-foaming, cross-linking or nano-skinning. In addition to the characteristics of the color of the product pattern itself, it can be used to form the surface of the finished product, and it can also be used after the surface of the finished product. Because the physical properties of the raw materials themselves are not easy to oxidize, the colors of the coating do not fade, aging, color uniformity, no fall off, rich colors, fresh and fresh, can meet the psychological needs of different levels of consumer instructors.

6.3A heavy duty corrugated cardboard

China's first 3A special heavy-duty corrugated board production process technology, while solving the 3A heavy-duty corrugated board production process is difficult, costly, difficult bonding and other technical problems. Tested and tested by the testing laboratory of China Packaging Scientific Research and Testing Center, 3A special heavy-duty corrugated cardboard has good surface quality and firm bonding, and its puncture strength and side pressure strength are excellent. It has the features of high strength, beautiful appearance, good moisture resistance, easy recycling, degradable and non-polluting, which is beneficial to the ecological environment and meets the national standards.

Paper furniture and paper construction

1. Paper furniture Japan has developed paper furniture such as paper tables, paper chairs, paper cabinets, and paper beds. Its appearance and color are similar to those of other materials, and it is as comfortable as wood furniture. Paper furniture is made of extra strong cardboard and the surface is coated with vinyl coating. Therefore, its hardness is not a problem. It is not only practical, but also inexpensive. The price is only one-third that of ordinary wooden furniture, and it can also be recycled.

2. Paper construction paper architecture also broke into people's lives. A few years ago, in order to provide shelter for thousands of mobile agricultural populations, the United States has launched a batch of emergency paper houses. After weather, they are still strong. This paper house is made of high-quality paperboard material. The thickness of the paperboard is 127mm. It is filled with chemical composition. The mesh and resin woven from glass fiber can withstand pressure of 60kg/cm2. It is waterproof, insect-proof and resistant. high temperature. According to experts' calculation, the effective use period of this paper house is at least 15-20 years.

3. New corrugated cardboard Swedish scientists made a new type of corrugated cardboard by adding a variety of chemical compounds, and it has good fire resistance, heat resistance and water resistance. Recently, a country has used the paper to build a paper bridge with a span of 15 meters and a width of 3 meters. The bridge can pass a jeep weighing 3 tons.

New multifunctional corrugated stretch products

1. CORR board packaging designed for color multifunction devices

Previously using wood and styrofoam to package heavy equipment, a package made entirely of corrugated boxes has now been developed for packaging color multifunctional products weighing more than 100 kilograms. This packaging material is simple and environmentally friendly, making it easy to recycle its packaging components (KyoceraMita, Japan).

2. Chestfreezer shipping package

This package provides a forming solution for all types of chestfreezers (7 lengths). The use of materials in an optimized way allows for complete recycling, energy reuse, and low energy consumption. The bottom is matched with the assembly disk made on the production line. Compared with the old CF packaging, the loss during transportation is less, the load capacity, the storage capacity is greater, the waste generated on the assembly line is less, the wood consumption is less (1,000 tons/year), and the direct material used has a lower cost .

3. Computer Tower box

This package is specifically designed to protect the computer chassis and keyboard. The internal partitions are made of BE corrugated paper and can be assembled by hand. The protective walls and leaflets minimize external shocks. This CB corrugated box can also be assembled by hand. The upper cover forms an inner wall that can separate and protect the computer case and keyboard. It can be easily opened and closed without any adhesive. This package is made entirely of recyclable paper that can be used as an alternative to Styrofoam used as an internal shock absorber.

Source: Packing Author/Chen Xirong

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