Tobacco product packaging box and its manufacturing method

Patent name tobacco product packaging box and its manufacturing method patent applicant Jiedong United Co., Ltd. principal applicant address Bologna, Italy inventor George Vaccari; Roberto Polo; Fiorenzo Della Getty application ( Patent No. 03811105.5 Date of Application 2003.05.15 Approval Date Approval Notice No. 1652985 Date of Publication Approval 2005.08.10 Specification CD No. D0532 Main Classification No. B65D85/10 Classification No. B65D85/10; B65D5/42; B31B1/25 Partitioning Original Application No. Priority item 2002.5.16 IT BO2002A000302 Abstract The present invention discloses a tobacco product packaging box (1; 48; 52; 54) which is folded by folding sheet (9). Made to include at least one wall (7) formed by the inner (22, 23) and outer (21, 24) sheets of the sheet being at least partially overlapped with each other; being external (21, 10, 24) The parts of the interior (22, 23) covered by the respective parts of the respective part are stretched to match the corresponding parts of the outer part (21, 24), so that the respective wall (7) has a substantially continuous outer surface, without steps or exposed. Free edge (31). Sovereignty item 1. A tobacco product package, made by folding a sheet (9), said package (1; 48; 52; 54) comprising: at least one double wall (7), said double The walls are formed by the inner (22, 23) and outer (21, 24) of the sheet (9) overlapping each other; the respective part of the outer (21, 24) covers at least part of the inner (22, 23). (27), characterized in that the portion (27) of the inner portion (22, 23) is a concave portion (27) having a concave amount at least equal to that of the sheet material (9). International Application PCT/EP2003/050165 2003.5.15 International Publication WO2003/097487 English 2003.11.27 Date of entry into the country Patent agency Organization address of Beijing Kangxin Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. Agent Zhang Shezheng

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