Xeikon Print Protector (print protector)

For a long time, digital printers have been expecting digital presses to provide on-line glazing capabilities to protect digital print products from damage during delivery. Now, Kodak's NexPress sheet-fed digital presses and Xeikon's web-fed digital presses have this capability. In addition to polishing, the fifth imaging unit of the Kodak NexPress Digital Press also provides digital lithography for local printers and adds a fifth dry ink (red, green or blue) to CMYK traditional four-color ink prints. color). The addition of the fifth color expands the color gamut and optimizes the reproduction of Pantone colors on the NexPress digital press. Xeikon's Print Protector technology uses a dual water-based glazing system. The glazing coating used is a non-proprietary silicone oil/wax emulsion that can be adjusted by the operator and the coating is thin. Can dry instantly. A user of Xeikon said: “The print protector can eliminate the static electricity on digital prints so that the prints can be easily fed into folding and binding equipment.” A judge also said: “For digital printing Machine's online coating function, I have been looking forward to 7 years!"

The Chicken Kennel

The Chicken Kennel is Popular in Europe and Australia Market, The Chicken Kennel also named Poultry Metal Run and Metal Chicken Coop run,it have the advantage of simple assembly,corrosion resistance and suitable for outdoor use.and the Chicken Kennel can be customized to different size as your demand.

metal chicken kennel

large metal chicken kennel

The Chicken Kennel

Chicken Kennel,Metal Chicken Kennel,Large Metal Chicken Kennel,Heavy Duty Chicken Kennel

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