Method for preserving microorganisms in tea

【Patent Type】 Invention Patent 【Patent Name】 Method for Microbiological Biological Preservation of Tea 【Applicant】 Nanjing Agricultural University 【Inventor】 Lu Zhaoxin; Hu Qiuhui; Cao Yezhong 【Master Applicant】 210095 No. 1, Weigang, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China Agricultural University Science and Technology Division Qian Baoying [Application Number] 200510134910.X
【 Application Date 】 2005.12.30
[Examination and announcement number] 1792203
【 Validation announcement date 】 2006.06.28
[Main classification number] A23F3/10(2006.01)I
[Categorical Information] A23F3/10(2006.01)I C12N1/00(2006.01)I C12R1/125(2006.01)I
[Sovereign Items] 1. A method for preserving fresh green tea microorganisms characterized by the use of Bacillus subtilis fmbJ in finished tea.
[Instruction CD-ROM] D0626-1
[Abstract] The invention relates to a method for preserving fresh microorganisms in tea leaves, which belongs to a method for preserving fresh green tea. After the tea leaves are processed and formed, Bacillus subtilis powder is added. Under the condition of tea oxygen limited packaging, the bacteria can form a film on the surface of tea, so as to control the deterioration of oxidation and achieve the purpose of preservation. The specific method is to dry Bacillus subtilis at minus 20 DEG C into a bacterial powder, and blend it into the finished green tea at a weight ratio of 0.01%-0.02%. Stir and put it in a temperature of 4-5 DEG C for three weeks, and then package it. When green tea was put into storage, green tea preserved by microorganisms retained the effective nutrient content of tea polyphenols for 99.51%, chlorophyll retention rate of 85.51%, and vitamin C retention rate of 92.41% after one year of preservation. The effective nutrient composition of tea has greatly improved compared with traditional storage methods. This preservation technology greatly extends the period of the price of tea and increases the value of its products.
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