How to prevent wooden floors from slamming when walking

When people walk, the wooden floor has a sound, which is also a common quality problem after the construction of the wooden floor. The reasons for this problem are as follows:

(1) When the wooden joist is installed, the wooden floor is embedded under the joist, and the wooden raft is fixed firmly. Once the raft is moved, the raft slides, causing the joist to loosen; when the surface is walking, the wooden floor will have sound.

(2) The wooden joist has a high moisture content and shrinks after installation, so that the anchor wire buckle is loose or the pre-embedded screws are not fastened. When loose, the surface layer will sound when it moves.

(3) Use a percussion drill to make a hole in the concrete floor, and the hole is inserted into the raft. The joist is nailed into the raft with a round nail. Once it moves, the raft and the round nail will loosen.

(4) There is no effective sound insulation and moisture-proof measures between the wool floor and the panel, and the surface layer will make a sound when it moves.

The key to preventing this quality problem is to pay attention to the following points during construction:

(l) Control the moisture content of wood. The moisture content of the wooden joists should be no more than ZO%. After entering the site, it should be kept safe to prevent sun and rain, so as to avoid bending deformation or increasing water content.

(2) The pre-embedded wire and screws are used to anchor the wooden joists. The lead wire of the wooden rest should be tightened, and the screws should be tightened to prevent the wooden joists from being fixed firmly and loose.

(3) The anchoring iron parts should be buried reasonably, and the spacing should not be too large. Generally, the anchoring iron spacing should be no more than 800mm in the direction of the joist, the top surface width should be no less than 100mm, and bent at right angles, with double strands #14 wire and wooden joist Tighten firmly, then use a crowbar to pick up the wooden joists, pad the wooden blocks, the surface of the wooden blocks should be flat, and nailed with wooden studs.

(4) If the wooden joists are directly fixed on the pre-buried wooden blocks of the ground, the spacing of the pre-buried small wooden blocks should not be too large. Generally, the direction of the wooden joists is not more than 400 mm, and the cross-section of the wooden joists is sawed in a figure-eight shape. When installing, pull the horizontal line of the joist surface, the solid wood block under the joist, the surface of the wooden block should be flat, and nailed with wooden nails and wooden joists. The wooden joists are nailed with pre-embedded wooden blocks. After the joists are installed, the wooden joists are watered with fine stone concrete or thermal insulation materials. The watering height should be lower than the wooden joist surface, and the middle is lower than the resting surface by more than 2Omm for ventilation. After pouring, it is necessary to wait until the strength of the fine stone concrete reaches 100% to lay the wooden floor.

(5) Do not use impact drill holes on the concrete floor, drive into the raft and fix the water joist with round nails, and fix them with expansion bolts or iron screws.

(6) When paving long planks or parquet boards on the fur floor, it is advisable to lay a layer of asphalt paper (or linoleum) first to protect the sound and moisture.

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