How is the performance of bamboo flooring?

Mr. Wang from the city on the 5th call: I look at a bamboo flooring in the building materials market, more than 100 yuan per square meter, do not know how the performance of bamboo flooring, formaldehyde content is less?

Answer: Due to the current price increase of solid wood flooring, bamboo flooring has become a good choice for home decoration. From the perspective of formaldehyde content, the bamboo flooring is more than the solid wood flooring, but less than the laminate flooring. From the perspective of wear resistance, bamboo flooring is similar to solid wood flooring, but not as strong as flooring.

Choosing "guerrillas"?

Ms. Sui Liu missed the call on the 6th: I am going to find a good home improvement company to decorate, but one of my friends recommended the decoration team of their home to me, saying that the master’s work is very good. I am worried that there is a problem with the skin, I do not know how to be good.

Answer: In fact, looking for guerrillas is not necessarily cheaper than home improvement companies. The key to the problem is that looking for guerrillas can be endless.

Home improvement company warranty status

Mr. Huang from the city on the 7th call: If you are looking for a home improvement company, what is the general warranty status? Free or charge?

A: Generally speaking, the hard engineering warranty is two years, and the hidden engineering warranty period is five years. If it is caused by improper construction of the home improvement company, it is free of charge. If it is a problem caused by the household itself, the household needs to pay a certain fee.

Who has cracked the floor?

Ms. Long Youye’s 7th call: My family’s floor has been laid for less than a year. Now there are many cracks. Is this a construction problem, or is there a problem with the quality of the floor itself?

A: The general floor laying should be carried out by the floor traders. The home improvement carpentry does not know the characteristics and construction requirements of various floors. Therefore, Ms. Ye should consult the floor technicians in detail according to the construction conditions at the time, and ask the floor manufacturer to contact the factory technicians or relevant appraisal agencies to identify the responsible issues.

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