The proportion of classical furniture is appropriate for the use of antiquities

Moving Chinese antique furniture into a modern family and integrating it perfectly with modern life requires mastering three essentials.

1. Proportion of proportion: The style and color of Chinese ancient furniture are very eye-catching. Therefore, for families who do not want to change the original modern atmosphere, Western-style furniture and Chinese-style furniture can be matched in a ratio of 7:3.

2. New use of antiquities: The large cabinets used to be used as cash drawers and medicine cabinets can be used as bookshelves, CD racks and TV cabinets. Classical furniture and modern appliances combine to show an alternative aesthetic.

3. Environment: If you want to show the unique charm of Chinese ancient furniture in wood grain, carving pattern and color, then you must pay attention to the lighting, floor and wall to the ancient furniture. The soft lighting highlights the natural feel of the wood, and the light coloured walls give the elegance of antique furniture.

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