British anti-counterfeit label printing prices continue to rise

In 2008, UPM Raflatac also implemented price-up printing plants, especially those that “related to petroleum-derived raw materials”. However, in 2009 the company has not introduced further price increases. “The main reason for the price increase is the decline in the pound and the soaring cost of raw materials,” said Tipo Kolunsarka, vice president of UPM Raflatac Europe.

For the soaring Jiaxing printing of label paper prices, some professionals pointed out that the price increase was too high and too sudden, which is likely to cause the closure of some label printing companies. The 3D printing of enterprises that have escaped from the bankruptcy crisis is bound to shift the cost increase caused by the increase in the price of label papers to downstream users, which will eventually lead to an increase in the retail price of products.

The label material of the Avery Dennison UK coil sector has risen 21% since January, which partly offsets the impact of exchange rate changes. Avery Europe's staff said it printed the film, in January, the Avery stock market The price of the label rose by 6%, and in March it rose again by 15%. Such increases are basically the same as changes in the exchange rate. The staff member specifically stated that the exchange rate of the British pound against the euro had a great influence on the price of British label paper, because the label paper sold in the UK mainly came from the European continent. “In 2009, the price increase was based on the two price adjustments in 2008, and the purpose was to compensate for the losses caused by exchange rate changes,” he added.

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