Golden Gate Gaochun wine cap counterfeit tricks

Some unscrupulous traders will use the new year's wine to blend with old-fashioned Kinmen sorghum and then return it to the old bottle and sell it at the price of the aged Jinmen sorghum. With this bottle cap, any opening will have a clear information record once the bottle is sealed.
Because most of the counterfeit Kinmen Sorghum liquors are aimed at the products of the top Golden Gate Sorghum Winery, this wine bottle cap may become a prominent feature of the fine wines because only they are necessary to use such high technological content. Wine bottle caps.

In recent years, the price of high-grade Kinmen Sorghum liquor has skyrocketed, and thousands of dollars per bottle of Kinmen Sorghum have been found. Therefore, the Kinmen Sorghum liquor fraud industry has also emerged. Because the buyer can not determine the true and false Jinmen Sorghum liquor before buying, this makes the counterfeiter even more daunting. Now, with this anti-counterfeit bottle cap, you can know whether the wine is true or not without opening the bottle. There is a security system in the bottle cap. When the bottle cap is opened, its data information will be recorded or completely disappear. If the correct record cannot be read in the computer, the bottle has been opened. There is suspicion of fraud. In the hands of wine merchants, each wine bottle cap has a registration number, which makes imitation of the bottle cap itself meaningless.

However, the ultimate secret of the bottle cap is not so mysterious: because the lid has a set of color analysis sensors, through the docking with the computer, analysis of the wine's detailed chromatography, the error is controlled within a controllable range, you can feel to identify The true and false wine.
The counterfeiting of high-grade Jinmen Gaochun liquor has become an inescapable trouble for wine lovers. Not everyone has a computerized brain. However, if the computer technology is linked to the bottle cap, then everyone can accurately recognize the “identity” of each bottle of wine as a master.

When the bottle cap is connected to the computer with USB, the authenticity of the wine can be judged. This new type of anti-counterfeit wine bottle cap can use high-resolution color sensing technology to determine the authenticity of wine through a small sample of Kinmen Sorghum wine.

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