Milan International Furniture Fair 2011 latest design to see first

The week-long 50th Milan International Furniture Fair was successfully concluded, attracting nearly 300,000 designers and industry participants from around the world. With the first-hand photos taken from the exhibition site, Mr. Zhao Qingxiang, President of China Interior Design Network, returned from Milan to show you the extraordinary charm of the 50th Milan International Furniture Fair.
Founded in 1961, Milan International Furniture Fair, one of the world's three major exhibitions of furniture, is also the only exhibition that can occupy all the pavilions of the new Milan International Exhibition Center. This year is also the 50th birthday of Milan International Furniture Fair. The organizers and the Milan city government have invested heavily in the event, which has created many new records. A total of 321,320 visitors visited the exhibition, including foreign visitors. The total number of people reached 63,964, while the only one day on the 17th was open to the public, the number of visitors reached 32,870. This exhibition is not only a decorative home, but also an international lighting exhibition area and an office exhibition area. In 2012, the exhibition plan will also introduce a sanitary exhibition area and a kitchen exhibition area.
Whether it is a warm and colliding "Baccarat Dialogue with Chinese Interior Designers & Architects" salon, it is also the exciting Idea-Tops Ait Award global promotion, or the dazzling and unique latest furniture products in Milan Furniture Fair, all wonderful The pictures are fixed in the "not enough" camera, and they are left in everyone's heart.

Visiting the 2011 Milan International Furniture Fair with A963

Visit the latest sofa design of 2011 Milan International Furniture Fair with A963
Visiting the 2011 Milan International Furniture Fair with A963

Very suitable for Nordic minimalist style sofa

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