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The degree of uniformity of the ink layer in the color print version directly reflects the poor quality of the product. In particular, multi-color overprinting of packaging and decorating printed matter, mostly using a large area for the substrate, the printing by the ink, if you do not have a good grasp of process technology, it is difficult to print a uniform and uniform ink layer, also Not achieve the desired result. A good color printing product should give people a visually beautiful appearance. This sense of beauty was first felt from the brightness and evenness of printed ink exhibitions. Some operators, due to lack of experience in process practice, have often blindly increased the amount of ink to meet the bright and thick visual effects of ink layers in order to overcome uneven ink distribution and hair growth on the layout. The bad results such as the bottom, the imprinting, and the crystallization of the ink film are the technical errors in the process and must be noticed. The following is an analysis of the situation in the ink layer:

First, the degree of printing paper sizing is not balanced, the paper surface layer caused by the poor smoothness of the ink

The process practice shows that the paper has a large amount of rough ink absorption. When printing paper with poor surface smoothness. The layout of the ink layer is prone to flowering. This is due to the fact that the paper fibers interweave to create a certain gap and are not covered uniformly by the coating layer. In this case, there is a poor contact between the paper surface and the ink layer on the surface of the printing plate at the time of imprinting. In this case, if it is considered that the ink supply volume is insufficient and the amount of ink is blindly increased, it is bound to result in a dirty printing product. Failure is not desirable. Instead, it should increase the pressure of printing. The smoothness of the paper and the layout of the ink layer, to achieve a uniform and adequate contact conditions for printing, so as to achieve a good print to eliminate the printed version of the ink layer phenomenon, to ensure that the printing ink layer uniform and flat.

Second, the printing plate bottom is not solid enough, the printing ink caused by the printing pressure is weak

With respect to the embossing pattern printing process, what kind of bottom pad printing plate is used has a great relationship with the printing ink layer. The test and process practice clearly show that the traditional backward plywood is used as a printing plate base, not only has many drawbacks (such as the printing plate printing rate is low, overprinting is not allowed, etc.), but also prone to ink layer transfer bad phenomenon, causing the layout Inequality and lack of ink occur. This is mainly because the wooden pallet itself is not strong enough, the possibility of compression deformation, resulting in unstable printing pressure, the ink layer on the layout can not be evenly transferred to the printed sheet, this situation is often easily mistaken for lack of ink. On the other hand, due to the poor flatness of the wood tray, it can not meet the normal ink and ink transfer layout. If a multi-layer plywood is used as the bottom bracket, when the field proofs are printed, the thickness of the entire ink layer is often very different. Some inks on the layout are obviously colored, some of the inks are slightly pale, giving people ink. Insufficient ink illusion. The increase in the amount of ink, the layout of the partial pale ink, the visual effect is better, but doing so is also very easy to cause dirty products, and will produce overprint and other ills, it is not desirable. The best way is to not only take good care of the pad printing operation, but also to print a large-area plate, such as a web with a web size of 16 or more. It is better to use a smoother, more solid metal plate, which will prevent it. The phenomenon of black ink on the layout.

Third, the rubber roller is too rigid or the position of the ink roller is badly adjusted, and the ink layer on the printing surface caused by the uneven distribution of the ink and ink is uneven.

Color printing is usually a multi-colored overprint product with large layout and a large amount of ink absorption. However, if a large-format printing is to obtain a uniform and moderate ink coating, if the rubber roll is too hard, uniform ink transfer and ink distribution cannot be achieved because the adhesive The hard roll has weak adhesiveness and is not conducive to ink transfer. On the other hand, the ink transfer roller, the ink distribution roller, and the ink application roller, respectively, can not be well connected with the ink fountain roller, the chain iron roller, and the printing plate, and are also the cause of printing ink on the printing plate surface. In this regard, careful analysis and inspection should be carried out one by one, and it is found that there is a gap in poor regulation, and the clearance should be adjusted again. For the shaft head, shaft hole wear caused by clearance, repair measures should be taken. In this way, we can better avoid the phenomenon of product layout caused by ink transfer and ink inhomogeneity and ensure printing quality.

Fourth, the anti-sticking agent in the ink does not mix evenly, resulting in weak ink affinity on the layout, and the ink layer on the layout caused by poor ink transmission.

Printing plate products, after adding anti-adhesive ink, can play a certain anti-sticking effect. If the amount of anti-adhesive agent is too much, for example, more than 4% or the anti-sticking agent does not mix loosely in the ink, it cannot penetrate into the ink evenly. After the coarse anti-blocking agent is spread to the plate, it affects the printing plate. Ink-receptive, the printed page layout will be flower-like. Therefore, if you want to turn off the technology of the ink transfer process and use an anti-adhesive agent, you should first use a suitable amount of bright oil or varnish, and then add the anti-adhesive agent to be added to the ink into a paste and add it to the ink. The liquid release agent can penetrate into the ink more easily, and not only can obtain a better anti-adhesion effect, but also can prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of flowering of the ink layer of the printed product.

Obag moon light body presents 2 central holes closed by two rigid buttons and two smaller lateral holes which make it easy to customize it with interchangeable accessories interchangeable (handles, shoulder strap, inner bag).

Obag body measurements: 25cm in height, 9.5cm in width and 25cm in length.
O Bag moon light and Inner Bags can be custom as PU/canvas/leather materials.
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O Bag Moon Light

Obag Moon Light

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