Male T zone oil control

Whether it is mixed skin, oily skin, or neutral skin, oil is usually produced, and the most prone to oil is the T area. The general method of oil control is to use oil control products and wash your face. The most important part of men's skin care is to keep it clean, because the male skin is generally coarser in texture, larger in pores, and more oily, it is easy to leave dirt on the pores of the face, and even clog the pores, except for warm water (30--40) Degree) Wash your face, cleanser is the best product for cleansing the skin.

Male oil control

Nowadays, most of the facial cleansing milk has added nutrients suitable for various skins. When repairing the skin, you can choose according to your own needs, but it should be noted that facial cleanser is different from cream, and these functions only serve as some auxiliary. effect.

The skin care water is a transparent skin care product which uses water as a solvent. It has a cream-like cosmetic function, which can keep the skin soft and moist, and regulate and improve the physiological function of the skin. There are many kinds of skin care water on the supermarket, among which nutrient water, toner and shrink water are more suitable for men. At least men need to choose at least one kind of skin care water.

For example, according to the skin quality of men, the suggestion of Xiaobian is that the shortcomings of dry skin are that they can not withstand external stimuli, and are easy to age and wrinkle. After summer, they become red and peeling; in winter, they are easy to dry and peel. Therefore, I recommend the use of moisturizing oily skin cream. For oily skin, controlling oil secretion is the key point, then it is best to use water quality skin care products suitable for oil secretion. Hybrid skin care, focus on moisturizing is better, suitable for choosing lotion skin care products

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