Child waste utilization by hand: butterfly

Child waste utilization manual: butterfly 1
Child waste utilization by hand: butterfly
1. Use a brush or finger to paint the roll blue and dry.
Child waste utilization manual: butterfly 2

2. Pull out the shape on the cardboard (four wings, two antennae)
3. Stick the adhesive to the four wings.
4. Stick the two wings together moderately and stick the two yellow wings together.
5. Attach two yellow self-adhesive pairs to one end of the tentacles, then apply a small red round sticker to the center of the yellow sticker. Cross the other end of the antenna and stick it to the inside of the roll to extend the antenna.
6. Glue the roll and then stick the two sets of wings. The two sets of wings should overlap moderately.

Shinely Aluminized Glue suit for mechanical roller coating. It has strong stripping, excellent tension.

It is suitable for making the surface materials of cigarette boxes, wine boxes and toothpaste boxes, such as aluminized film and aluminized laser film. It has superior performance for the compound of PET/ paper and OPP/ paper, with strong initial adhesion and stick strength.The glue is non-toxic, tasteless and non-combustible.


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For aluminized film bonding paper materials, which used in tobacco, liquor, toothpaste box etc. 

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