Lipstick: the combination of tradition and modernity

Since ancient times, one of the first and most obvious manifestations of women's temperament has been a little powdery, red, white, and graceful. Among them, makeup, especially lipstick, is one of the biggest heroes. Millions of little girls spend hours working in front of the mirror on how to use lipstick evenly, hoping to make themselves more mature and beautiful. Back in the ancient Egyptian era, they used henna dyes (henna flowers produced in the Middle East, such as arborescent trees or shrubs, with reddish flowers, henna dyes extracted from the dried leaves of the plant, a brown-red dye For makeup or dyed leather and fiber) to paint the lips and enhance the beauty. Over the years, lipstick has also experienced a lot of changes in the wind and frost, bringing more and more choices to people who love beauty.

The history of lipstick seems to date back more than 5,000 years, and the earliest lipstick appeared in ancient Egypt. At that time, women applied blue-black pigments to their lips with tiny sticks. In this way, the initial lipstick should be called blue or black. Modern people use dark lipsticks to be fashionable. I didn't expect this to be the most original color of lipstick. Later, the Romans used red wine slag as the color of the lipstick, and the lipstick was really red. The Chinese lipstick, first seen in the annals in the "Chinese ancient and modern note", the book contains a record of rouge "starting from the sputum, with red and blue clothing", indicating that we used lipstick in about 1320 BC. It turns out that there are more than 5,000 years of Chinese civilization history, of which 3,000 years have been decorated with lipstick. The most obvious development in Chinese lipstick is the renovation of the makeup lip style. For example, "Makeup Table" contains Rouge, Pomegranate, Dahongchun, Xiaohongchun, Nenwuxiang, Banbianjiao, Wanjinhong, Shengtanxin, Luzhuer, Neijiayuan, Tiangongqiao, and Yuer Yin. 17 kinds of light red hearts, gorillas, small Zhulong, Geshuangtang, and eyebrow slaves. From the name point of view, the red lip color of the makeup lips is red, reddish, gold-plated, pink, etc.; the shape of the makeup is round, heart-shaped, saddle-shaped, and so on.

But in fact the real popularity of lipstick began only in the 16th century. At that time, the lipstick was only made from beeswax or the red enamel of the plant. During World War II, Hollywood movies were popular, actresses or other relatively ordinary women began to use lipstick to decorate their looks to attract more viewers, so lipstick has gradually become one of the essential cosmetics for women. The earliest stick-like lipstick was born in the United States. In 1915, American cosmetics manufacturers made lipsticks in sticks and wrapped them in plastic and metal casings. They were very convenient to be coated and welcomed by American and European women. Of course, Americans. Also make big money. The most amazing thing in all cosmetics is the lipstick. Those plain faces, just use a lipstick to gently apply a light layer, they will immediately fly up, or elegant, or graceful, or exaggerated, or plain simple. Thanks to the efforts of fashion trendsetters such as Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein, the 1930s became the era of lipsticks and other beauty cosmetics. In 1949, Hazel Bishop created the first "resistant" The kiss-type lipstick is novel and its main feature is the ability to maintain a long-lasting color. In addition, science has found that lipstick not only conforms to the subjective aesthetics of human beings, but also implies a lot of scientificity. Studies have shown that women who wear lipstick have more laughs. In addition, when they see red, people's metabolic rate will increase by 13.4%. It will also cause some physiological changes in the body, such as raising blood pressure and making breathing slow. The heart beats faster and promotes appetite, which shows that the effect of lipstick is extraordinary.

At the same time, the lipstick raw materials also include a variety of waxes, emulsifiers, moisturizers and various color oils. When producing lipstick, generally, various raw materials are first mixed, heated until the raw material becomes a hot liquid, and then the liquid is poured into a cold metal mold, and the basic shape of the lipstick is formed after reinforcement and cooling. Once again, the lipstick is quickly passed through the flame to shape and smooth it, adding a sparkling effect. In general, the lipstick tube is composed of a tube cover and a tube body. The latter mainly pushes the lipstick into the lipstick tube by twisting and sliding. Modern lipstick also introduces more ideas in this regard to arouse consumers' desire to purchase. . For example, Kanebo has added a color-developing liquid lipstick (Gloss) to the “Lavshuca” cosmetics brand for women aged 25 to 39. The solid oil component contained in the creamy lipstick is added to increase the viscosity of the lipstick. Compared with the original products, it has the characteristics of not easy to fade, forming a perfect color and gloss effect. By simply turning the wheel to expose the red container, it can be evenly applied to the lips, and the color is available in 10 colors such as pink and brown.

In addition to the increasing maturity and maturity of production technology, there are many variations in lipstick formulations. If people add more ingredients to make lipstick more suitable for skin use, the traditional version of tubular lipstick will generally have the problem of dry lipstick itself, so that after use, it will leave lips dry and lipstick, and the color will fade and affect the overall effect. . Therefore, moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E and aloe vera are added to modern lipsticks. It also adds sunscreen ingredients such as amino acids and collagen to ensure that the lips are soft, moist, and protect the skin from high temperatures and UV rays. Whether it is a professional make-up artist or a general consumer, you can choose the lipstick that suits you according to your preferred texture or after-effects. If different textures of lipstick can produce different effects, Lacquered has a lustrous and sparkling effect. Pearly has a pearly luster, bright colors and metallic effects. Transparent (moisturizing, moisturizing series) is natural. Thin, transparent color, moisturizing effect, while Mat (powder series) is dull, high stability, long-lasting, soft and smooth, in addition, six colors also present six different feelings, such as Orange is full of life, full of vigor, red elegant and classic, Raspberries with a sweet and lovely feeling, pink soft and a touch of luster, Browns and Beiges natural and elegant, and Gothic presents Bold wild and sharp feeling. The new formula of modern lipstick combines the advantages of supple moisturizing, comfortable touch and long lasting. Shea butte makes the lipstick moist and moving, Aquafix makes the lipstick color full, Viarinee makes the lipstick color intense Ceramidone (a lipidic restructurant) and Allantoine makes lips Completely protected, no cracking and peeling after use, carnauba and candelilla vegetable waxes make the lipstick color last longer. In fact, these changes are very natural, because as time goes by, the taste of consumers is changing, and the entire beauty industry is constantly making innovations to meet the needs of consumers.

The variety of lipsticks can be said to be endless, such as sheers, mattes, stains, frosted and shimmer. Glossy lipsticks have varying degrees of shine, moisturizing and protecting dry lips, leaving the lips shiny and delicate. The transparent lipstick is transparent, slightly shiny, has a longer lasting moisturizing effect than the gloss, and has a sunscreen effect. The creamy lipstick is opaque and less lustrous, which makes the lips feel silky soft and smooth, the color is even, the moisturizing degree is longer than the transparent type, and contains the ingredients to prevent bleeding. The matte lipstick is extremely opaque, with long-lasting color but not bright. It can last for 6-8 hours without fading, and it is not easy to wipe off. In addition, in addition to the traditional tubular mouth infrared, there are now more novel styles, liquid lipstick is one of them. Instead of using the previous application method, people can use a brush to brush the liquid lipstick on the lips. This way, the lipstick can be used more conveniently and the color and brightness can be controlled well. Every year, the lipstick industry is constantly introducing new products, new formulas and new types to meet the different tastes and adapt to the trend of development. Lipstick, as the eternal subject of the beauty industry, must be the perfect presentation of tradition and present.  

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