Jin Baoyi Chen Jinda: Promoting standardized products

厦门市同安金宝艺实业有限公司董事长 陈金大

Chen Jinda, Chairman of Jinbaoyi Industry

The wooden door industry is a custom industry and it is difficult to mass produce. At the beginning of the industry, wooden doors were made at the construction site. Now it has become a model for quantitative production and on-site installation in the factory. Such a model will cause problems such as cracking and degumming, which is difficult for consumers to recognize. In 2005, Jin Baoyi invented a patent on anti-shrinkage and anti-cracking, which can at least maintain the beauty of the wooden door for 20 years, and also ensure the quality of the wooden door in a humid environment.

After more than 20 years of development, Jinbaoyi Wooden Door has gradually gained popularity in the industry through its adherence to the ideal of “logs”. On June 17, 2011, Chen Jinda, Chairman of Jinbaoyi Industry, told SouFun reporter about Jinbaoyi's log ideal and e-commerce plan. Chen Jinda said that in the second half of the year, Jinbaoyi's core plan is to promote standardized products. This product is the ideal for the future development of Jinbaoyi and the driving force for the industry to move forward.

The industry's first concept of "log" is the Jinbaoyi wooden door. In the industry, the solid wood door itself is more expensive, the cost of the leather and composite solid wood door products is much lower, so the concept of solid wood is not true. Concepts such as solid wood composite doors and solid wood veneer doors all use solid wood as a concept and gimmick. Consumers do not understand, some manufacturers are not willing to let consumers know. Therefore, from 2002, Jin Baoyi divided the concept and divided the products of “logs” and “solid wood composites”. The so-called original wooden door refers to the material of all logs, which is consistent inside and outside, real materials, no slabs and other processes, the amount of glue used is also small, the added value is higher, and the environmental attributes are also better.

Jinbaoyi's brand has a history of more than 20 years. It can be said that “the best wooden door in the country is in Fujian, the best wooden door in Fujian is in Xiamen, and the best wooden door in Xiamen is in Jinbaoyi”. At present, Jinbaoyi has more than 100 stores nationwide, mainly in the Red Star Macalline. We are high-end products, consistent with the high-end image of Red Star, and Jinbaoyi is expanding nationwide in terms of channels. In 2011, our plan is 50 in the country.

Now, the industry's voice for e-commerce is indeed getting higher and higher, but the “custom” bottleneck of the wooden door industry has not been able to break through, which is very unfavorable for e-commerce. We have developed a standard product since this year, and we have begun to scale production and prepare to promote it on the e-commerce channel. Such products are stable in quality and cheap, and are very beneficial to consumers. The market share is higher and the cost is lower, which is also very beneficial to the company. We attach great importance to this channel and are preparing a series of promotion plans from factory to terminal to consumer.

High-end brands need more overall homes, high-end brands of wooden doors and windows and wooden floors, more need for design, material coordination. Only by mastering the overall home can you master the market, and companies must be prepared for it.

For Jin Baoyi, the high-end positioning can avoid the competitive pressure generated by many “outsiders” cross-border entry. The style can be imitated, but the materials and crafts are difficult to imitate. Our 20 years of development are leading in technology, innovation, reform and investment. Jinbaoyi has the only invention patent, which can avoid blackening, decay and deformation of the product in a humid environment. Companies like Jinbaoyi's positioning will not be greatly affected.

Enterprises must also learn to take advantage of the development in competition. At present, Jinbaoyi has developed a wooden door cabinet industrial park with an area of ​​2,000 mu in Zhangzhou, Hebei Province. The initial planned production capacity is 1 million baht per year. It will be the world's highest-end wooden door and cabinet industrial park and the country's largest wooden door and window industrial base. We want to be a national real estate procurement center, the National Alliance Center. Not a Jinbaoyi can achieve 2000 acres, but to introduce a lot of high-end brands, our plan is to achieve production within two years, the construction of Jinbaoyi's northern base.

This base will be the most important pioneer of the country's wooden doors and windows, the window to the world.

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