Resisting Sub-health Treadmills to Lead a New Way of Healthy Living

In today's highly competitive Chinese workplace, the status of the word "healthy" has been minimized. The phenomenon of "taking money for life when you are young and changing your life when you are old" is very serious. China has now become one of the countries with the longest working hours in the world, with up to 90% working hours exceeding 8 hours. According to the survey, 89% of urban white-collar workers in China are in sub-health status.

Do you want to be successful or healthy? If there is no health, how come success. Boycotting sub-health and paying attention to fitness lifestyle has been recognized by more and more urban people.

Rejection of sub-health preferred running fitness

According to the research of the World Health Organization, physical exercise is the best way to resist sub-health and change sub-health status, and running is the most direct and effective way. Running is a highly effective aerobic exercise. For people who have long insisted on running, their cardiac hemolysis is 1.3 times that of ordinary people, and their vital capacity is increased by 1-2 liters. The body's metabolic function is stronger. According to fitness experts, if you insist on running for 30 minutes every day, sub-health may be far away from you.

However, the limitations of the environment and the tediousness of running make many people unable to persist. People are eager to have a convenient, time-saving, smart, and fashionable way of running and fitness. As a result, treadmills came into being. In market research, it was found that the appearance of fashion, entertainment intelligence, low noise, safety, and portability are the most important factors for consumers to choose a treadmill, and consumers are calling for a new generation of treadmills with five-star experience.

Faced with the advent of a five-star experience in the treadmill era, Shu Hua Qiang, a leading brand of Chinese health products, launched an off-the-shelf SH-5522 treadmill this fall to stimulate consumer experience with unimaginable technological innovations. Run fitness and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Say no to sub healthy.

Science Running Fitness Rejecting Sports Injuries

Many people like to concentrate on fitness during the holiday season, but over-strength exercises cause sports injuries. The correct running fitness should reach three basic indicators: a duration of more than 20 minutes; a heart rate of 120 beats/min or more (young people); and a frequency of about 3 times a week. Many consumers have no way of scientific planning, and the smart system of Shuhua Shangkuang Treadmill can effectively help consumers set up a professional fitness program, and uses a 7-second thin-film transistor window to make the running value more intuitive and easier to know. Daily exercise results.

Incorrect running posture can also cause bodily harm. When exercising on a treadmill, be sure to abdomen and chest, tighten the lower back muscles, otherwise it will increase the pressure of the lumbar spine, a long time will cause lumbar strain. At the same time, be careful not to swing the arm to the left or right. This will cause the center of gravity to oscillate from side to side, making it easy to have an adverse effect on the knee joint. If you are worried that your running position is not scientific, you can use the full running camera function of the Shuhua Scirocco treadmill to correct it. It uses a high-definition camera, smooth playback system, you can clearly record the running process, to correct the realism effect of running posture, real running.

Mute portable home can also easily exercise

Many people nowadays like to use treadmills at home, but lingering noise can easily affect the lives of others. The Shuhua Shangkuo Treadmill uses a specially designed high-tech running belt to provide a good grip, allowing it to work in peace and comfort at home and anywhere, creating a new space for a peaceful home fitness. In addition, the unique design of the side pressure pin and non-slip trim device has a shock-absorbing and anti-slip function, making it safer and more comfortable to run.

Friends who have had running at home have had such experiences. Children and pets will suddenly approach the treadmill, preventing them from unnecessary damage. In order to ensure the safety of home fitness, Shuhua Shangkuo Treadmill adopts world-leading technology and sets up radar sensing equipment. When a person or object approaches within a radius of 1 meter, the radar will give a warning sound, which can effectively protect the safety of pets and children.

Friends who have been plagued by small homes do not need to worry about the placement of treadmills. Because the Shuhua Shangkuang treadmill is equipped with dual hydraulic devices on both sides of the lift, the treadmill can be easily placed, and the smart descent function is designed to make the treadmill more portable and save space.

The body is the capital of revolution. No matter what position you are in, you must learn a healthy lifestyle. During business hours, you may wish to take off your watch, drop your briefcase, run on a treadmill, sway life passion, release physical and mental pressure, and be a healthy elite.

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