Shoe cabinets are placed in the university, bad feng shui affects sleep and health

Feng Shui theory believes that the improper decoration and decoration of the bedroom can lead to serious insomnia and continuous illness.

The following conditions will also affect the quality of sleep and health of the owner:

1. The bed is under the beam or close to the pillar


Beams and columns are the places where the building is subjected to gravity. When sleeping, the head position is under the beam or next to the column. The light is visually subject to stress, and naturally it will not sleep well.

2, the bed head back to the window or idle


There are clouds in the way of Chinese medicine health care, such as avoiding the wind, such as avoiding arrows, and there are also clouds, "the gods are also afraid of the wind." If the bed is back to the window or the bed is empty, the evil wind is naturally blown from the rear. It is inevitable that sleep is inevitable. It will easily cause migraine after a long time, and even cause brain lesions.

3. Improper equipment is installed directly above or below the bed


Assume that there is a positive pressure on the toilet in the same position on the upper floor of the bed, or there is a fire in the same position downstairs. Although it is separated by a certain distance, it will still be felt during sleep, which will have a certain negative impact on the health of the sleeper.

4, behind the wall next to the bed, with a toilet, faucet, shower head or stove


The toilet is a place for excretion of waste, and it is naturally polluted by the bedside; the faucet or the lotus is close to the bed, and it is called “spouting water” in Feng Shui. It will definitely feel the moisture and long-term penetration of moisture. To the bed, susceptible to rheumatic pain; stove dry fire, dry fire for a long time close to the bed, so that the bed lost moisture, easy to lead to high blood pressure or other blood disorders. Although the above bad facilities are separated from the bedside by a wall, the negative impact is still valid.

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