Evaluation: color elegant and elegant Eileen wallpaper


The soft Irene NA1035350 wallpapers are hand-carved by the new Korean designers. The patterns are elegant and elegant, the colors are elegant and the texture is clear and clear. Although the design is simple, it gives a very high-end feeling. The pattern is all three-dimensionally carved, and the three-dimensional effect is strong.


The soft Irene NA1035350 wallpapers are hand-carved with new Korean designers, with novel patterns and strong three-dimensionality. At the same time, this version uses the oblique cut technique, so the flower is not obvious in the whole version, showing asymmetrical beauty, which is different from other versions. This makes the owners who pursue individuality have better and more choices in the decoration.


The surface of Rouran Irene NA1035350 wallpaper is made of matt washed PVC. The difference between this material and other plastic materials is that there is no plastic feeling at all, but a strong silky feeling. According to the sales staff of Rouran Wallpapers, Yuquanying Store, the price of silk wallpaper is about 1000 yuan/m2, and the price of this wallpaper is about 100 yuan/m2. This feature is a good choice for those who have a high quality and silk fabric. However, in the process of evaluation, Xiao Bian found that because of the material of PVC, this wallpaper will have a slight glue smell when opened, but it is not pungent and not full, and the taste disappears after a while. Therefore, people who are sensitive to the taste need to pay attention to this item. At the same time, after the decoration, the room should be fully ventilated to ensure the health of you and your family.


The bottom layer of Rouran Irene NA1035350 wallpaper is made of pulp fiber, which is what we often say. On the one hand, the material of the non-woven fabric makes the wallpaper more environmentally friendly. On the other hand, the bottom layer of the fabric makes it easier to eradicate when it is necessary to update the wallpaper. It is easy and quick to tear off without tearing.

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