What you see is what you get-the solution to the problem of color cast in pictures

The problem of color cast has always plagued digital photographers. This problem is actually quite simple, that is, the color tone of the computer screen can never be accurately displayed. Although many manufacturers have committed to developing the latest color correction technology, such as Apple ’s Coloursync and Kodak ’s PRECISION, experience tells photographers that the monitor still fails to display 100% accurate colors, which often constitutes a problem for photographers. Many inconveniences in creation ...

In fact, there are already some professional monitors on the market that can automatically detect tones and adjust color values. Although it is still not possible to achieve 100% WYSIWYG, but compared to the monitors we generally use In particular, these professional-level monitors do provide users with greater flexibility in tone adjustment.

RGB tone display

Most of the monitors on the market today are designed for RGB display. The principle is similar to the TV in our home. All three colors are mixed together to produce other different colors. In addition, RGB (R red, G green and B blue) is selected. It is also mainly because RGB can display a wider color gamut and hue than the CMYK four-color gamut used in traditional printing, and the hue is relatively bright, so RGB is more suitable for colorful screen displays. However, since many output media such as computers use CMYK (composed of four shades of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) as the printing standard, many photographers need to convert the completed work to CMYK, but During the conversion process, some tones may exceed the original color gamut, making the color gray, and more likely to affect the printed colors. Therefore, every time the photographer really wants to convert the finished work to a printed matter, many photographers, even many home computer users, will go through the process of converting RGB to CMYK (usually done in Photo-paint or Photoshop (Conversion), during the conversion, the problem appears ... The best solution is actually ..., experienced photographers tell us that they will prepare Pantone color discrimination in advance, using Pantone color as the standard, but Pantone color From the screen, it still has a certain distance from the actual color tone on the color discrimination. Therefore, many photographers will compare the actual objects in front of the screen based on experience, and make sure that they are adjusted very accurately on the screen and on the output. , Try to minimize the error.

Gamma color correction is also helpful

In addition, if you often use Photoshop, the built-in "Gamma Gamma" setting in Photoshop can also adjust the monitor you use to an appropriate value, usually this value is 1.8, although 1.8 will really make your monitor look It is a bit dark, but this value does make your monitor the closest to the color tone of the original photo. In addition, if your monitor is reddish or bluish, you can also adjust the color difference of the screen on the Gamma panel. The method is very simple, just adjust the handle on the control panel. In fact, when you buy any digital imaging products, color adjustment software is often attached. After adjustment, your scanner can scan accurate colors, so your monitor is also very necessary. Adjusted. Because, the adjusted display, regardless of color and image contrast and tone performance will be better. Summary Accurate adjustment is very important for image design and photographers. If you adjust the tone of the Monitor in advance when you start working, then the printed matter (whether you use a professional large-scale printing machine or ordinary inkjet) Printer, your photos and works will reduce the chance of color cast.

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