Examples of 7 tips to save freight

Ingeniously design the packaging, familiar with the transportation route, and be able to carefully plan and cooperate with the shipping company, your freight will be greatly reduced.

It is undeniable that understanding the shipping market and knowledge of dealing with shipping companies can really save you a lot of costs, but the importance of your early preparations should not be ignored. Mr. Wu, the business representative of Confederation, has repeatedly emphasized that it is very important for exporters to prepare themselves and cooperate well.

Because many unnecessary expenditures are caused by human negligence. He believes that many people will care about the ocean freight in U.S. dollars, but the cost in RMB in the first trip is not so careful. This concept should actually be improved.

According to recent statistics, freight rates have risen by more than 70% in export costs. The business personnel of the export department generally attach great importance to the control of product costs, but they do not pay enough attention to how to save freight in the transportation link. In fact, now that product prices are becoming more and more transparent, paying attention to skills in transportation can save a lot of money. Otherwise, the profit saved from the cost of the product will be handed over to the transportation company.

Ingeniously design packaging

Mr. Liu Longhai worked in the storage and transportation section of Jiangxi Livestock Import and Export Company for many years, and now he is also engaged in export business. When talking about the topic of saving freight, he thought that this should be considered when talking about business. For example, he is now mainly engaged in the export of clothing. If the packing quantity of the customer's order is not cost-effective, he generally recommends that he change the quantity of the order. For example, put two orders into a whole cabinet; or cut off the excess quantity and ship it next time.

The cost saved in this way will be considerable.

Mr. Liu said that he would scientifically calculate the product packaging before shipping. The specific method is to design the packaging according to the volume of the order with reference to the volume of the container. For example, a carton is usually filled with l2 pieces. If it is packed in this way and a container cannot be loaded, he will change to a carton with l5 pieces or 20 pieces. Then, according to the size of the inner box of the container, the size of the carton is designed, and an optimal packing scheme is studied to achieve the optimal state of filling a 20 'or 40' container.

Familiar with transportation routes

"It is also necessary to understand the ocean transportation routes." Mr. Liu said. For example, to European ports, although most shipping companies have the difference between basic ports and non-basic ports, the difference in freight rates is at least between 100-200 US dollars. However, the division of different shipping companies will be different. To understand the division of different companies, you can obtain the freight rate of the basic port by selecting the transportation company.

As another example, the transportation methods of ports on the east coast of the United States include full waterway and continental bridge, and the price difference between the two is several hundred dollars. If you do not catch up with the ship, you can ask the shipping company for the full waterway.

Carefully plan the first transportation

Shippers in the Mainland choose different inland transportation methods have different costs. "Generally speaking, train transportation is the cheapest, but the delivery and pickup procedures are complicated, suitable for orders with large quantities and not in time for delivery. Truck transportation is the simplest, the time is fast, and the price is slightly more expensive than the train." Henan Nanguang Company Mr. Pei, the manager of the business department, introduced the difference in inland transportation costs: "The most expensive is to directly load containers in factories or warehouses. This is only suitable for fragile products that are not suitable for multiple loading and unloading. In general, it is best not to use this way."

Under FOB conditions, it also involves the arrangement of the first-trip transportation before shipment. Many people have had such an unpleasant experience: Under the FOB terms, the charges before shipment are very confusing and unruly. Because it is the shipping company designated by the buyer for the second round of transportation, the consignor has no choice.

And different shipping companies will interpret this differently. Some require the cargo owner to pay all pre-shipment fees: packing fee, dock fee, trailer fee; some only need to pay the trailer fee from the warehouse to the dock; some will require different surcharges on the trailer fee according to the different warehouse address . Such charges are often beyond the budget for the freight cost at the time of quotation.
Mr. Liu has a deep understanding of this point. His solution was to confirm with the client the start of the fees for both parties under the FOB terms. He generally insists that the responsibility is completed after the goods are delivered to the warehouse. As for the trailer to the dock and the dock fee, all are included in the second-way sea freight and paid by the consignee.

Mr. Pei ’s experience is that, first, he will strive for CIF terms when negotiating orders, so that the initiative of transportation arrangements is all in his hands; second, if it is indeed done on FOB terms, he will contact Contact the designated transportation company to confirm all costs in writing. The reason for this is to prevent the transportation company from charging additional charges after the goods have been shipped; second, if there are too ridiculous places in the middle, he will discuss with the buyer again, asking the transportation company to change or asking the buyer to bear certain charges project.

Good cooperation with transportation companies

Mr. Wu is a salesman of a confederation company, a freight forwarding company. He said that the goods mainly save freight, it is very important to understand the operation process of the transportation company. He said: "If they arrange according to my requirements, our two sides cooperate in tacit agreement, but can save some unnecessary expenses, and can also make the goods shipped as soon as possible." So, what do these requirements refer to? Mr. Wu explained as follows:

First, I hope that the shipper can book the space early and prepare the goods in time. He often meets some cargo owners, rushes to place orders one or two days before the cut-off period of the shipping schedule, and delivers the goods to the warehouse or dock by himself before notifying the transportation company. He said that experienced cargo owners understand their operating procedures and generally do not do so. He introduced that the general liner schedule is once a week, and the cargo owner should book the cabin early and enter the warehouse according to the time arranged by the transportation company. It is not good to deliver too early or too late. Because the customs clearance period of the previous ship cannot be rushed, if it is postponed to the next ship, there will be an overdue storage fee.

Second, whether the customs declaration is successful or not is directly related to the cost issue. This is particularly evident at the Shenzhen Port. For example, if it is shipped to Hong Kong via a land port such as Wenjindu or Huanggang Port to catch the second voyage, if the declaration is not passed on the day of the declaration, the toll fare charged by the trailer company alone is 3,000 HKD. If the trailer is the deadline for catching the second-ship ship in Hong Kong, and the deadline is not met due to customs declaration delay, then the next day, the next boat will be sent to the terminal to catch the next ship number. Mr. Wu said that he often asks the cargo owner to carefully check whether the customs declaration documents are complete and correct before arranging shipment.

Third, after the actual packing situation changes, the customs declaration file must be changed. Every customs has a routine inspection of goods. If the customs finds that the installed quantity is inconsistent with the customs declaration, it will deduct the investigation. This will not only incur counter-checking fees, dock storage fees, but customs fines will definitely make you feel bad for a long time.

Mr. Wu warned that although these are some details before shipment, if you do not pay more attention, on the one hand, it will cause more costs; on the other hand, the resulting delay in the shipping schedule will bring more consignments to the shipper Big trouble.

Zhengmao chooses shipping companies and freight forwarders

Now the world's major shipping companies have landed in China, and major ports have their offices. There are of course many advantages in doing business with these shipowners: their strength, excellent service, and standardized operation. However, if you are not a large cargo owner and cannot obtain preferential freight rates from them, it is better to find some medium-sized ship owners or freight forwarders. Mr. Wu said: "Our freight forwarder signed a contract with the shipping company, and the concessionary freight rates we received were not available to the general cargo owner from the shipping company."

Mr. Pei would not choose too famous shipping companies.

He said that for small and medium owners, their prices are indeed too expensive. Although the quotation of the too small freight forwarder is low, the service is difficult to guarantee because of insufficient strength. In addition, the large shipping company has not many offices in the mainland, so he chose some medium-sized freight forwarders. First, the price is reasonable, and second, the cooperation is more tacit after long-term cooperation.
The same is the shipowner, although some are not well-known, but the schedule and service are guaranteed, and the price is much more reasonable. Mr. Liu understands this deeply. He rarely does business directly with those very famous shipping companies, but he first selects some medium-sized shipping companies before finding their designated agents. "Generally these designated agents will get very cheap prices from the shipowner." He said. After working with these agents for a long time, he can get very low freight. Some freight forwarders will even truthfully inform him the reserve price, plus a little profit as the selling price for him. Mr. Liu also said that according to his many years of experience in the storage and transportation department, he knows that different shipping companies or freight forwarders have their own advantages on different routes in the shipping market. Finding a company that has an advantage in the operation of a certain route not only will make the shipping schedule more dense, but also their freight rates are generally the cheapest on the market. He suggested to classify according to his own export market, such as exporting goods to the United States to one company, and exporting to Europe to another company. To do this requires a certain understanding of the shipping market.

He introduced that there are many channels for understanding this information. In the past, there were more introductions between peers. Now you can find relevant information through some transportation websites.

Learn to bargain with the same shipping company

Regardless of whether the shipping company or the freight forwarder's business personnel present the quotation when they are taking the goods, they are only the company's highest freight rate. How much discount can be obtained depends on your ability to bargain.

In general, before accepting a company's freight rate, you can first ask a few companies for prices to understand the basic market conditions. The concessions available from the freight forwarder will generally be around $ 50. From the bill of lading issued by the freight forwarder, you can know what company he will finally give the cabinet. Next time you will directly find that company and you will get the direct freight rate.

The bargaining skills of the same shipping company include: 1. If you are indeed a major customer, you can directly sign a contract with him to apply for preferential freight rates. 2. Figure out the different freight rates obtained by declaring different names. Most shipping companies charge separately for goods. Some goods can be classified in different ways. For example, citric acid can be reported as food, because it is a raw material for making beverages, or it can be reported as a chemical raw material. The difference in freight rates between these two names can be as much as $ 200. 3. If you do not catch the ship, you can choose slow boat or non-direct boat. Of course, this must be on the premise of not affecting the punctual arrival. Freight rates in the ocean shipping market change from time to time, it is best to have some information in this regard. Few salesmen will take the initiative to notify you of the freight reduction. Of course, when freight rates rise, they will not tell you. In addition, among the business personnel you are familiar with, you should also pay attention to the other party's "familiarity" in freight rates.

Tips for handling LCL cargo

The transportation procedure of LCL cargo is much more complicated than that of the whole cabinet, and the freight is relatively flexible. There are many shipping companies that do FCL, and the price will be relatively transparent in the shipping market. There are of course open market prices for LCL cargoes, but the additional costs of various transportation companies vary greatly, so the freight rates on the transportation company's price list will only be part of the final charge.

Mr. Pei felt deeply about the charges for LCL cargo. His approach is, first of all, to confirm all the items charged in writing, to see if their quotation is a contracted price, to prevent the carrier from issuing a post-mortem. Secondly, it is necessary to calculate the weight and size of the cargo clearly to prevent them from doing tricks on it.

Although some transportation companies offer lower prices, they often increase the price in disguise by exaggerating the weight or size of the charges. Thirdly, it is to find a company specializing in LCL. This company directly assembles the containers, and the freight rates and surcharges they charge are much lower than those of the intermediate companies.

In general, careful calculation in transportation is very necessary. Mr. Liu said: "When doing business, it is not possible to make money on freight. But if you are good at handling, you can really save a lot of money." Mr. Wu believes that saving transportation costs is not a comparison of freight rates. Transportation also involves the problem of arriving in Hong Kong as soon as possible, so it is necessary to balance freight and time.

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