Typical configuration and system characteristics of Siemens DCS system in 300MW unit

The typical configuration of Siemens Siemens Power Plant Automation DCS System in a 300MW unit is shown below:

System Features:

â–  Using fully integrated automation technology. Siemens can provide all the components needed from the automation controller, human-machine interface system, network system, remote I / O system to sensors, actuators and other automation systems and achieve a high degree of integration of all subsystems.

â–  All components adopt modular technology, which can easily expand the system scale and function.

â–  Support international standards, such as Ethernet, TCP / IP, OPC, MODBUS, etc., can communicate with other systems (such as ERP, MIS, other PLC, etc.) quickly and easily.

â–  Supports fieldbus technology, adopts PROFIBUS international standard, and the system also supports HART protocol, which can easily realize the connection of intelligent field devices.

â–  Adopting double-layer network and switching technology, regardless of reliability and efficiency, there are advantages that single-layer network cannot replace. First, the double-layer network separates the process control area from the operator monitoring area, so that the two will not affect each other, thereby ensuring the safety of the power plant operation; second, when the system scale is large, the double-layer network and single-layer network The ratio will greatly reduce the communication load of the system; in addition, the use of high-performance redundant servers and switching technology can ensure efficient and fast data transmission.

â–  The operator system uses Windows 2000 operating system, easy to maintain and learn.

â–  The operator system adopts wizard configuration, which is simple and convenient. It also supports high-level languages, such as C scripts and VB scripts, which can implement various complex functions.

â–  The operator station can be modified online, and the increase and decrease and modification of the screen and functions can be realized without interrupting the operation of the system.

â–  The operator screen structure and operation interface are developed by Siemens based on the rich experience in the field of power station. It is easy to learn, easy to operate, clear in structure and powerful in function.

â–  The operator station has a powerful diagnosis function, which can realize the diagnosis function of all components from the host computer monitoring system, automatic control system to the signal acquisition system.

â–  Perfect alarm function, easy to filter, also supports sound and voice alarm.

â–  Powerful user management function, can define 128 users and user groups, 999 level authorization.

â–  Sequential control logic diagram can be opened online to monitor the current running status and see if the condition status is satisfied. Operators with appropriate permissions can also intervene in their execution, such as suspending, interrupting, and jumping.

â–  The use of redundant servers improves system reliability. In addition, the redundant servers work at the same time under normal circumstances, and the operator station can be assigned a default server, that is, under normal circumstances, some operator stations communicate with one server, and other operator stations communicate with another server Communication, when a server fails, the operator station originally connected to it will automatically switch to another one, and when the failed server returns to normal, these operator stations will switch back to this server. This mechanism not only improves the reliability of the system, but also reduces the communication load and server load.

â–  The engineer system adopts Windows 2000 operating system, which is easy to maintain and learn.

â–  The engineer system integrates all the functions needed to complete the project design, such as project management, hardware configuration, network configuration, logic configuration, host computer configuration, system debugging, system diagnosis, document generation and other functions.

â–  All configuration adopts graphical way, easy to learn.

â–  Logic configuration is managed according to the process level of the power station, which is convenient for project maintenance and debugging.

â–  Use the special function blocks of the power station for graphic configuration to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the power station.

â–  No need to open the logic diagram, you can set parameters for all process objects in the form of table, which is simple and fast.

â–  The compiling system is powerful, can easily find configuration errors and quickly locate.

â–  Detailed diagnosis of controllers, networks, modules, channels, etc. can be achieved through the engineer system.

â–  Online operation of the logic can be monitored through the engineer system and certain parameters can be modified directly without pre-compilation.

â–  Multi-level password can be set for the project to ensure the security of the system.

â–  Support remote diagnosis function. After the system is delivered, if there is a problem, there is no need to wait for the service personnel to rush to the scene, engineers in the company can diagnose and modify the system through the telephone line.

â–  Redundant optical fiber ring network is adopted for the factory bus and terminal bus, the number of stations can be up to 1000, and the coverage can reach 150km. Strong anti-interference ability and high reliability.

â–  Adopting 1000M exchange technology to double the communication efficiency.

â–  The network status can be monitored through a common PC.

â–  The automatic control system uses high-performance redundant processors to complete the system control. The synchronization of the redundant controller adopts Siemens patent technology: event synchronization, that is, the main CPU synchronizes the standby CPU only when the state changes. Compared with period synchronization, event synchronization not only ensures the consistency of all data, but also makes the system use the lowest load for synchronization, so that the CPU's bumpless switching can be achieved perfectly.

â–  Support online modification. All configurations, including hardware and logic, can be modified online. The continuous operation of the system is guaranteed, and the flexibility of the system is improved.

â–  CPU itself integrates PROFIBUS fieldbus interface, you can connect various PROFIBUS remote IO devices without additional cost.

â–  All modules support hot swapping. The faulty module can be replaced during operation without affecting the system.

â–  The CPU operation key can be removed during operation and kept by the relevant personnel, thus avoiding the misoperation of the CPU and improving the safety of system operation. -Register Hong Kong Company | Shanghai Car Rental | Hong Kong Company Registration | Car Rental

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