Test sequence of salt spray test chamber

Salt spray test chamber-pretreatment

The salt spray test chamber shall specify the cleaning method of the test sample before the test, and shall also indicate whether the temporary coating should be removed. The cleaning method should not affect the corrosion effect of the salt spray on the test sample. As far as possible before testing, avoid touching the surface of the test sample with your hands.

Salt spray test chamber-initial inspection

The test of the salt spray test box is to check and record the appearance of the test sample, and to test the test sample for electrical and mechanical properties in accordance with the relevant standards.

Salt spray test chamber-conditional test

1. The test sample is placed in the test box according to the usage state, and sprayed at 15 ~ 35 ℃ for 2h.

2. After 8 hours of continuous atomization in the test, use a clean collector with a horizontal area of ​​80 cm2 at any position in the effective space. The collected salt mist solution should be 1.0 to 2.0 mL per hour. The number of collectors is at least 2. The security position should not be covered by the test sample, and any condensate from other sources should be prevented from entering the collector.

3. After each spraying, transfer the test sample to humid and heat conditions for storage. The storage conditions are according to GB 2424.3, that is, the temperature is 40 ± 2 ℃, and the relative humidity is 90 + 2-3%.

4. When the test sample is transferred from the salt spray test box to the damp heat box, the loss of salt solution on the test sample should be minimized.

5. The test samples must not touch or contact with other metals. Their arrangement should prevent mutual influence.

Test sequence of salt spray test chamber

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