Multifunctional sofa bed small apartment living room easily transformed

In today's high housing prices, small units are highly favored. Practical furniture with more functions has become the first choice for small units. Among them, the sofa that can be transformed into a bed is the most classic representative. Today, Xiaobian recommends 5 models for everyone The sofa bed can make your living room a comfortable room in one second, and you will never have to worry about the accommodation of visiting relatives and friends.

The role of multifunctional sofa

Modern living room layout advocates simplicity, multi-functional furniture is becoming more and more popular choice, multi-functional sofa bed is one of them. In small apartment rooms, in order to meet the occasional visitor's living needs, a multifunctional sofa bed is necessary. Under normal circumstances, the multifunctional sofa bed can be placed in the living room or study to serve as a seat; when the guests arrive at night, the multifunctional sofa bed is unfolded, and the futon is a bed. In common types such as three rooms and two halls, the multifunctional sofa bed can also be used as a guest bed to help the host cope with occasional visits by multiple guests. Choose a suitable multifunctional sofa bed is particular. To meet the two functions of sitting and lying, the multifunctional sofa bed must be durable and beautiful, and its material and process should be guaranteed.

Featured sofa recommended by INNOVISION Obe sofa bed

This sofa is made of PU leather and feels soft. Beige looks clean and full of quality. The frame is a steel frame, strong and stable. The surface of the sofa is stitched with longitudes and latitudes, and the depth and arrangement of the buckles are neatly arranged, so the workmanship is relatively meticulous.

The sofa armrest is designed to be relatively wide, and is equipped with a side panel, which can be used to place small objects commonly used at hand, such as water cups and remote controls. In addition, this side panel can also be removed and placed in the center of the sofa, just like adding a small coffee table to the sofa, which is convenient and practical.

Deformation process of the Inovice Oube sofa bed

After the deformation of the INVISION OBEI sofa bed

Editor's comment: This product has a beautiful and fashionable appearance, and is more inclined to a casual, free lifestyle. The functionality is better. It can be placed in the living room as a sofa, and can be turned into a double bed when needed. More suitable for stylish and simple decoration style.

Functional sofa recommended Qumei functional sofa

Qumei's functional sofa is overall silver-grey, and the cushions with floral patterns look clean and elegant. This functional sofa is relatively simple in shape and suitable for a simple decoration style.

The sofa legs are made of stainless steel. The simple shape matches the overall minimalist style of the functional sofa. The bottom of the sofa cushion is supported by an annular steel mesh, which makes the cushion stable and not easy to collapse and deform.

Deformation process of Qumei functional sofa

Editor's comment: Qumei's functional sofa has a variety of colors to choose from, which can adapt to different decoration styles. It is more convenient to use at the same time. This sofa is priced at 2985 yuan in the store. This price is relatively expensive in functional sofa products. You can buy it according to your own situation.

Functional sofa recommended honey nest folding sofa bed

This product is elegant and simple overall, with no personality, but it has a full and thick feeling everywhere and looks very comfortable.

Deformation process of honey nest folding sofa bed

After the deformation of the honeycomb folding sofa bed

Editor's comment: This sofa looks simpler and more suitable for modern minimalist style decoration. Strong function and simple operation. At the same time, there are several different color options, you can buy according to your favorite.

Featured sofa recommended by Yuxiang double sofa bed

Bright yellow always gives people a pleasant feeling, this sofa looks simple and full, and looks generous and bright.

Yuxiang double sofa bed function introduction

The back can be adjusted to meet everyone's multi-purpose needs.

Unfolding effect of Yuxiang double sofa bed

Editor's comment: This sofa has a simple appearance, which is more suitable for modern minimalist style decoration, and there are many colors to choose from. After turning into a bed, the thick feeling makes people warm.

Featured sofa recommended by Inoves Gentis sofa

The main material of this sofa is PU leather, steel sofa frame, and the armrest is walnut wood. The outside view is relatively high-end, both for office and home use. Of course, there are a variety of materials to choose from, which can adapt to a variety of styles of decoration.

Deformation process of the Inovance Sentes sofa

After the deformation of the INVISION Gentis sofa

Editor's comment: The overall style of this sofa is simple and elegant, and modern and simple, Nordic style and other decoration styles are suitable for selection. This functional sofa can be transformed into a sofa bed when needed. The flexible function and simple and elegant design give this sofa a relatively expensive price. You can buy it according to your own needs and economic strength. .

Editor's summary: According to reliable statistics, especially the multifunctional sofa bed can effectively save more than 60% of the original plane space. The reason is actually very good to infer. The occupied space under the general sofa form is definitely smaller than the bed form. As long as the space of the sofa is occupied, the dual experience of sofa and bed can be obtained. So, if the house size is small, go and choose a space-saving artifact!

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