Ash wood simple European style wardrobe appearance evaluation elegant color to give you interpretation of romance

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] A good wardrobe , a good cloakroom can make you feel good, especially for women, the cloakroom is another emotional destination for them, there are a lot of life, it also witnesses a woman Youth and growth, today we are going to evaluate the ash-wood cloakroom, let you feel the love of the Chrysanthemum in the East.

overall effect

Overall wardrobe

Top solid ash wood cloakroom

The ash-wood cloakroom is entirely simple European style, with soft and elegant color, revealing the romantic and exquisite atmosphere, fashionable and fresh, and the shape is simple and generous. Touching the surface of the cloakroom with your hands, it is lubricated like milk silk, and it feels the three-dimensional touch of the bumps in the delicate, which makes people love it.

Roman column

Jane European style wardrobe

Top solid ash wood cloakroom Roman column

The decorative strip of the ash-lined cloakroom Roman column makes the whole cloakroom look more three-dimensional, adding a stylish and luxurious atmosphere to the stable and atmospheric atmosphere. The ash-grained board gives a fresh, elegant feel, simple and not cumbersome. The spatial arrangement is patchy, with a clever combination and high utilization.

The slab of this cloakroom is made of solid wood particle board. The surface is made of melamine. It is smooth and delicate, odorless. The drawer is designed with a new wave-shaped design. The lines are beautiful and the three-dimensional feeling is strong. Before the vast blue sky and white clouds, I feel happy.


Top wardrobe

Top solid ash wood cloakroom drawer

The design of the compartment drawer can store small ornaments, flat shirts, a large number of drawers, and more frosted glass for decoration, which can avoid extrusion deformation and is very convenient to use.

Overall wardrobe

Top solid ash wood cloakroom drawer

This simple European style cloakroom is perfect for young, stylish and simple people. There are a variety of colors to choose from, and there are almost no restrictions on the style of decoration and other furniture in the room. The open wardrobe will make the clothes clear at a glance and save time. The surface is smooth and easy to care.

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