Receipt Printing Technology New Development

Offset printing is a relatively mature printing process, especially in the case of halftone printing, and there is a set of standardized and data-based methods; however, receipt printing and printing, in addition to halftone printing, involve a large number of spot color reproductions, such as large areas. The red color of the field, gold, pearl effect, etc.; because the spot color, especially the spot color, has a higher request for saturation and brightness, and when the offset printing is printed in the field, it is limited by the thickness of the ink layer; The first two printing methods, “Deep and shallow first,” are designed to avoid puncturing the text on the ground as much as possible to avoid the difficulty of overprinting.

Now, because the receipt printing materials are widely used composite paper materials, and printed with popular inks, there are problems such as adhesion, abrasion resistance and poor drying; therefore, manufacturers generally perform uv skill reform on offset presses, and basically solve the composite paper. Problems with printed products; because uv ink has greatly promoted the physical function of the ink layer appearance, many packaging and printing companies have begun to take offset uv ink printing fine sand, gold, silver and other popular offset printing is difficult to achieve.
Gravure due to high saturation, high contrast, high brightness, strong consistency, the printing plate resistance to printing and other features has become an optional method of receipt printing; if the art design draft is larger in the field, the ink is requested to be thick, the general offset printing is slightly Insufficient display, the gravure method can meet the demand; another advantage of gravure printing is that it can print other materials than paper, such as printing on a laser anti-counterfeiting film, and then combining with cardboard to reach another vision Effect and so on.
Because gravure receipts are printed on the ground with mostly blocks of color and lines, the request for color management in the platemaking process is relatively non-rigid, and printing process control is relatively easy compared to offset printing and flexographic printing.
Screen printing of frosted, refraction, ice, wrinkles and other artistic effects make wine box packaging icing on the cake, which greatly aroused the desire of consumers to buy; other, because the adoption of screen uv after the partial glazing product brightness increases, three-dimensional Strong, often used in receipt printing color box decoration; flexographic printing is now rarely used in receipt printing box printing, there are many beer labels will adopt such printing methods; trust its environmental protection and health advantages, Gradually it will be recognized and favored by the winery.

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