The benefits of water-based inks with dispersants and wetting agents

The addition of dispersants and wetting agents to aqueous inks during the manufacturing process will improve the properties of aqueous inks. Water-based inks are best added with dispersants and wetting agents in the production of pastes. The general water-based ink fineness requirements between 101μm ~ 25μm better, too fine or too large water-based ink. Both will have an impact on ink flow and rheology. Water-based ink viscosity refers to the thickness of ink and is an indicator of the flow of ink. Viscosity over the General Assembly cause poor flow and dryness; low viscosity aqueous inks have good fluidity, fast drying, thin ink layers, and low ink consumption. If the viscosity of the water-based ink is low, the content of the toner is required to be high; on the contrary, the content of the toner is low. Since the viscosity directly affects the transferability of the ink and the quality of the printed matter, the viscosity control of the aqueous ink is very important for this purpose. In the printing process, if the viscosity is too low, the color will be light, and the high viscosity will cause the phenomenon of dirty plate, stencil, etc. Therefore, please add the transfer agent when it is difficult to control, you can improve the transfer effect, increase the color and three-dimensional.

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