Chinese scientists reveal new contribution of sperm to genetic mission

Research in the last 20 years has found that epigenetic information regulates the growth, development and differentiation of organisms by orderly turning on and off the expression of genes, among which DNA methylation (5th grade cytosine) is the most important appearance One of genetic information. However, at present, little is known about whether the DNA methylation profile can be passed from parent to offspring and the regulatory role of DNA methylation information in early embryonic development. The traditional theory is that the DNA methylation information of the father and mother during the development of the offspring is almost eliminated after fertilization and cannot be inherited. This theory has been lacking direct evidence of high-resolution genome-wide methylation maps .

Recently, Researcher Liu Jiang and his research team at the Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences have made a major breakthrough in the study of the genetic laws of epigenetic information. Using the zebrafish as a model, the team found that the DNA methylation profile of the offspring selectively inherits the parent and abandons the mother. This theory helps to unravel the mystery from fertilized eggs to individual development. Related research results have been International academic journal Cell ("Cell").

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