Precautions for use of air-jacketed water-jacketed carbon dioxide incubator

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Matters needing attention in the use of carbon dioxide incubator

1. Do not turn on the power switch before filling the carbon dioxide incubator, otherwise it will damage the heating element.

2. After several months of operation of the incubator, the water in the water tank may be reduced due to volatilization. When the low water level indicator (WLow12) is on, add water. First open the overflow pipe, use a funnel to connect the rubber pipe to add water from the water injection hole to make the low water level indicator go out, and then measure the additional water (CP-ST200A with 1800ml water, CP-ST100A with 1200ml water), and then block the overflow hole.

3. The carbon dioxide incubator can be used as a high-precision constant temperature incubator. At this time, the CO2 control system must be turned off.

4. Because the CO2 sensor is calibrated at saturated humidity, the humidification tray must always be equipped with sterilized water.

5. When the display temperature exceeds the set temperature by 1 ℃, the over-temperature alarm indicator (OverTemp7) lights up and a sharp alarm sounds. At this time, the power should be turned off for 30 minutes; if the power (temperature control) switch (Power20) is turned on again If it is over temperature, turn off the power and report to the maintenance personnel.

6. When the cylinder pressure is lower than 0.2MPa, the cylinder should be replaced.

7. Minimize the time to open the glass door.

8. If the carbon dioxide incubator is not used for a long time, the moisture in the working room must be cleared before closing, and the glass door should be opened for 24 hours and then closed. 9. When cleaning the studio of the carbon dioxide incubator, do not hit the sensor and the stirring motor wind wheel and other components.

10. When disassembling the bracket shield in the working room, a special wrench must be used, and no excessive force is allowed.

11. Before transporting the incubator, the water in the tank must be drained. When draining water, tightly fit the rubber tube on the water outlet so that the mouth of the tube is lower than the instrument. Gently suck a bit and put down the water tube, and the water will siphon out.

12. Before moving the carbon dioxide incubator, the shelf and humidification tray in the working room should be taken out to prevent collision and damage to the glass door.

13. When carrying the incubator, do not turn it upside down, and at the same time, do not lift the door of the box to avoid door deformation.

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