Wonderful report: Let technology exist in the smart campus like air

[China Education Equipment Procurement Network News] On the morning of March 21, Sun Qingya, Vice President of Beijing Jingyuan School, delivered a wonderful speech at the Beijing Education Equipment Forum sub-forum "Equipment Style-Equipment and Equipment in Beijing District" Through the question of "how far is knowledge from wisdom", he led the school to use technology to integrate the individualized practice of the school curriculum, and then looked into the future development of the school, and came to the view that "let technology exist as air". In-depth introduction to the advanced experience of the school, which caused the audience to think.

Vice President Sun Qingya giving a report

In the report, Vice President Sun rationally analyzed the school's informationization status. First, the information-based hardware and software system has been gradually improved, and the construction of various resource platforms such as digital libraries, student management platforms, automated office platforms, moral education platforms, mental health test systems, and file servers have been completed. The second is that teachers use interactive whiteboard technology is becoming more and more mature, and some of them won the first prize in the national whiteboard teaching competition). Third, the application of smart terminals to the normalization of education and teaching activities is achieved through experiments, testing, Fetion, WeChat, Weibo, and home-school communication platforms. The fourth is to successfully join the third batch of digital campus construction schools and change the "information island" into a "digital learning port."

In addition, Vice President Sun also proposed the concept of smart campus construction for Jingyuan School in the next 2 to 3 years. The first is based on the new college entrance examination plan, using cloud computing technology to achieve the school in the library. The second is to realize fragmented learning through private customized micro-classes and learning at the wrong time. The third is to use digital media (microfilm, stop motion animation) technology to carry out project-based learning. The fourth is to build a learning community by booking teacher learning. Fifth, the application of 3D printing technology in art design. The sixth is to realize the emotional communication between teachers and students based on networked psychological consultation. Seventh, carry out mobile learning and lead students to participate in activities such as study tours and remote laboratory construction. Eighth is to innovate educational thinking, encourage students to assemble plug-ins, and integrate education into games. (Picture / Text Zhao Yuan)

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