Analysis on the Application of Mobile Payment in the Real-name Ticket Sales of Trains

1 Introduction

Mobile payment refers to a means of realizing mobile payment by means of non-contact means such as short message, Bluetooth, infrared, radio frequency technology (RFID), and a service that allows users to use their mobile terminals to pay for goods or services consumed. the way. The mobile terminal used for mobile payment may be a mobile phone, a palmtop computer or the like.

With the improvement of 3G networks and mobile terminals, mobile phones carry more and more functions, and SIM cards have achieved unprecedented improvements in speed, storage, and recognition capabilities. SIM cards can be used to implement various consumer transaction functions. Now, with the real-name ticket sales carried out by the EMU, passengers can purchase real-name train tickets with 20 kinds of documents such as the first-generation or second-generation ID cards. Real-name ticket sales play an important role in combating the scalper party and achieving fair and equitable ticket purchase. Function, but the real name system requires passengers to purchase tickets, boarding, refunding, purchasing tickets, etc. need to carry relevant documents, which will undoubtedly bring inconvenience to passengers, especially if the documents are lost or stolen, the problem will be more troublesome, and the use The mobile payment wallet function, especially through the real-name system of the mobile phone, promotes the real-name ticket sales of the train, which not only facilitates the passengers, but also brings great convenience to the ticket sales work of the train, and has a broad development prospect.

Mobile payment is now mainly available in both near-field and remote payment methods. Mobile near-field payment refers to a payment method that is realized by the integration of non-contact radio frequency identification (RFID) and interconnection technology through the electromagnetic induction coupling of the wireless frequency part. This is like a bar code when shopping in a supermarket, but RFID is more advanced than bar codes in that it is read out. For example, the electronic toll collection card that is now being promoted by highway toll stations has RFID embedded in the card, and the card is placed near the front window of the car. When the car passes through the dedicated lane, the roadside wireless device (that is, the electronic toll reader) The balance in the electronic charge card will be automatically read and changed. The electronic label with the "wallet" function is integrated with the SIM card of the mobile phone, and the mobile phone has the function of a wallet, so that the consumer can use the mobile phone as a payment tool and use the mobile phone to take the subway and the bus. At the same time, you can also use your mobile phone to buy a train ticket at the POS machine at the station.

Many countries in foreign countries have conducted experiments on the application of near-field payment technology, which laid a good foundation for technology improvement and application promotion. For example, the Paris-based bus and subway system uses near-field communication technology to realize the purchase of tickets and deductions for mobile phones. And launched a commercial version of SAGEM contactless mobile terminals and corresponding SIM cards; domestically in Shanghai, Xiamen, Chongqing, Wuhan, there have also been reports on NFC short-range communication mobile phone identity authentication and electronic payment field trials.

Mobile remote payment refers to a payment method in which a transaction is performed through a carrier network, using a mobile phone for online payment, WAP payment, or short message collection. Paying for the fee does not require a mobile phone, but uses the pre-loaded payment software in the mobile phone and the mobile payment account that is opened for payment. It is understood that the current development is better, and the real profit is mainly the remote payment service of mobile phones. After years of development, many third-party payment companies, such as Alipay, Tenpay, and, have developed relatively mature business models in mobile remote payment. At the same time, with the continuous maturity of technology, far-field payment will gradually converge to online payment, and the operation will become more and more convenient, and the application coverage will become wider and wider.

In summary, mobile payment has been boldly tried and used, both in near-field payment and in remote payment. On this basis, the railway can strengthen cooperation with financial institutions and mobile operators. In this way, through the grafting and strong alliance of technology, the real-name ticket sales of trains can be realized through mobile payment, which is completely possible in technology application.

2 Advantages of mobile payment

As an emerging payment method, mobile payment is used to pay for it. Compared with other payment methods, it has the following advantages:

2.1 Using a mobile phone as a payment tool, without having to carry a smart card

Mobile phones, as a communication tool that people use and carry around on a daily basis, use it to pay, so that people can carry less or no cash and transportation cards, bank cards, etc. when they go out, but use the phone bills pre-existing in the mobile phone or The mobile payment account is used for payment. The use of mobile phones to purchase real-name train tickets, only need to upgrade the ticketing system and the original POS machine of the station, and connect with the database of the public security identity authentication system, you can realize the mobile phone card to purchase the real-name train ticket. At the same time, you can also use the superiority of mobile Internet access to achieve ticket booking and ticket delivery services, which improves passengers' ticket purchasing speed and facilitates people's lives.

2.2 Accurate and quick response ticket position information, convenient for passengers to purchase tickets

Using the near-field payment and Internet access functions of the mobile phone, the ticket information of the ticket can be quickly provided, and the level seat and the ticket balance of each train can be accurately displayed, which not only improves the passenger's autonomy, but also facilitates the travel of the passenger, and also creates the off-season transportation of the railway. Higher efficiency and reduced probability of occurrence of empty seats.

2.3 Reduce the amount of work and speed up ticket sales

After the EMU implements real-name ticket sales, if you enter and check the passenger's name and ID number at the time of ticket sales, the pressure to queue up for ticket purchase will increase. With the payment function of the mobile phone, the passenger only needs to use the mobile phone to surf the Internet or directly swipe the card to realize the passenger's identity authentication and automatic deduction of the fee. There is no need to change the value, and no cash is required. This not only greatly facilitates the passenger's real name ticket purchase, but also reduces the ticket. The waiting time for the peak passengers of the ticket sales also greatly reduced the burden on the ticket sellers and improved the informationization level of the railway ticket sales.

3 shortcomings of mobile payment

While mobile payment brings great convenience to everyone, there are also the following problems:

3.1 The competition of interests of all parties still needs to be balanced

There is still a certain distance for the railway department to use mobile payment to purchase real-name tickets, because mobile payment requires the cooperation of all parties, and the current non-uniformity of mobile payment standards (mainly near-field payment standards) has caused a lot of related promotion work. difficult. The development of mobile payment standards has been going on for more than three years, mainly in the competition between China UnionPay and China Mobile. Among them, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, and other three major telecom operators, known as mobile payment “Four King Kong”, and China UnionPay have fully involved in the development of mobile payment services, and are stepping up their efforts to seize their respective positions. Market. The competition of the interests of all parties restricts the development of mobile payment to some extent. The mobile payment industry chain is huge and the interests are complex. It is an industry that takes a long time to accumulate to mature. This is also an important reason for restricting the payment of mobile payment into the real name of the train.

3.2 Technical implementation still needs improvement

At present, mobile payment in the near-field and remote payment methods, the more mature and faster development is remote payment based on mobile Internet technology. Near-field payment of mobile phones involves not only complicated procedures such as modifying mobile phones, customizing mobile phones, or reinstalling SIM cards with payment functions, but also technical incompatibility between operators. At present, China's mobile payment business, in addition to the above-mentioned "four major diamonds", also includes third-party payment operators such as Shanghai Jieyin and Alipay. These companies have launched mobile payment for mobile phones according to their own developed technologies. Most of them are independent and incompatible with each other, making it very inconvenient for passengers to use. For example, users who have opened the mobile payment function in China Mobile can only spend their credit card on China Mobile's POS machines, and they cannot spend on China Unicom's credit card machines.

In addition, there is a big difference between the real-name ticket sales and the general merchandise payment. The popular ticket resources are limited, especially during the Spring Festival. If more than one person buys the same ticket at the same time, how to deal with and send the problem, how to realize the ticket information and the station of the ticket system The real-time update of the ticket vending machine, the timely response to the number of trains, the type of ticket and the balance, which requires a major improvement in technical implementation.

3.3 Passengers question the security of mobile payment

Most products currently in the near field are still flawed in terms of security. Once the phone is lost, the mobile phone wallet with the payment function in the phone will also be lost. Of course, in theory, it is possible to implement authentication by adding a voice and fingerprint recognition system to the mobile phone, but this increases the development cost and increases the use cost. The remote payment of mobile phones is mainly carried out through the network. During the payment period, the passenger's account number and capital information must be transmitted through the network. If the network is attacked or the network is paralyzed, it will cause immeasurable loss to the passenger's property security.

4 solutions

4.1 Strengthen cooperation between railways and UnionPay and mobile operators

Make full use of the competition of all parties, sign a cooperation agreement with China UnionPay and mobile operators to purchase long-term real-name tickets, so that they can be improved from the design of mobile payment products. At the same time, it is also possible to realize technical resource sharing, which is beneficial to the complementary advantages of railway and UnionPay and mobile operators.

China UnionPay has the most complete fund clearing system, and its development in the field of mobile payment is very fast, and it is very likely to dominate the future of China's mobile payment industry. In 2010, China UnionPay United Commercial Bank, mobile communication operators, mobile phone manufacturers and other parties established the mobile payment industry alliance, jointly established the mobile payment standard specifications and business models of China's independent intellectual property rights, and launched in seven provinces. Pilot's smart card mobile payment business pilot. China Unicom and China Telecom's two major telecom operators also chose to adopt the technical standards of China UnionPay in the near-field mobile payment service and cooperated with China UnionPay. The railway department can cooperate with UnionPay to realize the sharing of mobile technology resources by jointly promoting the real-name system of mobile phone numbers, so that the real-name ticket sales of trains can be promoted by fundamentally using mobile phone payment.

China Mobile has invested in Shanghai Pudong Development Bank last year. The first crystal of the two parties in the third quarter of this year, the mobile payment platform will be launched nationwide. Users do not need to change their mobile phone and number. Just add a platform to the original mobile phone to make the mobile phone have the same payment function as the bank card.

4.2 Accelerate the technological innovation of the railway itself and promote the real-name system of ticket sales

Now the EMU has begun to implement real-name ticket sales. The ticket-sending window can automatically identify the passenger's second-generation ID card with the ID card identification device. In the future, the mobile phone payment platform can be used instead of the cash payment ticket at the ticket gate. At the same time, as long as the station installs a contactless read head on the existing POS machine, it can realize the “swipe card” purchase of mobile payment. Fortunately, Beijing-Tianjin Intercity and Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Rail have begun to implement online ticket sales. Passengers can purchase high-speed rail electronic tickets online through electronic payment according to the relevant tips on the website. Passengers who use the second-generation resident ID card to purchase tickets online can no longer exchange paper tickets, and can enter, get on and out of the station with the second-generation resident ID card. Through the railway's own technological innovation, the integration of resources within the railway will be realized, and the mobile payment system will be fully prepared for the real-name ticket sales of the train.

4.3 Strengthening the promotion of mobile payment

Using mobile phones to implement real-name ticket purchases for trains, people's acceptance will have a cognitive process. First of all, many passengers will consider security issues for mobile payment. How to eliminate user concerns requires a lot of publicity. In order to prevent the loss of passengers caused by unsafe factors such as lost or robbed mobile phones, we can set a maximum consumption limit for mobile wallets to provide effective protection for passengers' property safety. Secondly, through marketing methods, such as subsidies, gifts, discounts, etc. to attract passengers to use, increase the promotion of mobile payments. Finally, it is to simplify the use of mobile payment, making it more simplistic, user-friendly, more convenient and easy. In this way, it will be able to get the approval of the passengers, and realize the real-name ticket purchase of the train for mobile payment.

4.4 Pilot operation, step by step

It is a long-term process to realize real-name ticket purchase by using mobile payment. It can be piloted on the passenger dedicated line, gradually promoted, find problems in operation, and constantly improve the real-name ticket sales of mobile payment. It is necessary to implement step-by-step process and diversify the implementation content, first encourage and then enforce, and implement the initial split-line and split-time implementation. With the maturity and improvement of the conditions, comprehensive and mandatory promotion will be carried out.

5 Prospects

The Spring Festival Railway transports more than 200 million passengers. With the opening of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, the passenger traffic of the railway will reach a new level this year, which is a great business opportunity for operators developing mobile payment. We must first promote the development of the real-name ticket sales within the railway and the technical integration and innovation. At the same time, we must accelerate the cooperation between the railway and UnionPay and mobile operators, so that the mobile phone chip integrates the passenger's ID number and e-wallet function. With the continuous development of 3G networks, the near-field and remote payment capabilities of mobile phones will continue to be enhanced. On this basis, it is entirely possible to use the mobile phone to swipe the card and access the Internet to realize the real-name ticket sales of the train.

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