What is the most cost-effective way to do small batch label printing?


Large-volume printing is mainly based on offset printing, gravure printing, letterpress resin printing or flexographic printing, but the demand for personalized small-volume self-adhesive labels on the market is increasing, and tens of thousands of small labels are combined. For six-open, eight-open sheets, some thousands and hundreds of copies, the web label printing machine wastes a bit of money when printing such jobs, which is not cost-effective.

In terms of printed products, small batch jobs require low cost and short delivery time; while product quality often requires bright color, and the layout of dots is mostly. According to this, many small businesses with six printing monochrome printing press, four-color overprint, also reached very good results. The combination has the following advantages.

In offset printing, embossing, gravure printing, etc., offset printing is undoubtedly the lowest cost printing method. In the prepress process, compared with the complicated plate making process of the flexographic plate, the production, filming and printing process of the PS plate is a light road for the printing factory. From a technical point of view, after the printing companies have eliminated the printing, they have turned to offset printing, so there is no additional burden.

If a reel self-adhesive printing press is used, there will be a loss of more than ten meters of paper when starting up. If the overprinting adjustment is not good, and the unit printing machine has a long paper feeding line, the waste is even greater. The offset press can use Other papers as the master paper to save the self-adhesive material.

Offset plates are very low in price compared to embossed and flexographic plates and do not require much auxiliary material. When printing paper of different thicknesses, the printing pressure can be adjusted at will. In terms of operation, offset technicians are also easy to hire, and the technical threshold is not high.

The practice of the printing factory proves that the cost of printing small self-adhesive labels with offset printing machines can be reduced to “minutes”. If it is processed by the materials, even if the profits are calculated by “PCT” or “millimeter”, there is profit.

Different from the self-adhesive labels in Japan and other countries, China's self-adhesive labels are mostly rich in graphic activities, especially small batch labels, which often require colorful colors. Offset printing has an advantage in dot printing, and printing on the spot is not inferior. If you need to increase the thickness of the ink, you can use the advantage of overprinting to make secondary printing. Because it is small batch printing, time is completely guaranteed.

The use of offset printing and quick-drying ink, the addition of desiccant in the ink, and the method of powder spraying after printing can also effectively solve the problem of staining of the printed matter and improve the printing speed.

Short-run job printing emphasizes timeliness. If the pre-production process is complicated and the plate-making cycle is long, it will inevitably affect the delivery period. The offset printing cycle is short, and it is a suitable choice for short-lived label printing with complicated patterns and strong timeliness. According to experience, Foshan Label Printing Factory recommends that the printing equipment be used in quantity and select the appropriate equipment to print the corresponding product.

(Editor: Jie Meng)

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