8 ideas teach you sensible skin care

In the past two years, the famous Japanese miscellaneous material management consultant Yamashita Hideaki wrote "Broken", which is popular in Asia. Since its publication, the sales volume of this book has exceeded one million copies, showing that the power of spiritual guidance is powerful. The so-called "broken" means that we don't accept things that we don't need. "Shelter" teaches us how to deal with things that don't use value, and "disengage" tells us to get rid of obsessive emotions about unnecessary things. . These theories seem to be just a guide to life at home, but they can be applied to the spirit of skin care and maintenance. Here are 8 skin care concepts that teach you to be smart and skin care.

8 ideas to teach you mental skin care

"Break away" skin care concept of "broken"

Don't be a "skin care addict"

The iconic feature of skin care addicts is to completely ignore the maintenance idea of ​​“broken off”. As long as you see brand advertisements or microblogging recommendations, and can not stand the sales pitch of the counters, you will not hesitate to put a lot of yourself. Unneeded skin care products are taken home. This skin care attitude does not mean that you are working hard on maintenance work, or that you are still lacking a rational attitude on the skin care road.

Some steps can be completely saved

Some steps in the skin care process can be completely omitted. For example, if you have used a cleansing oil with deep cleansing effect, you don't need to use a scrub to rub the skin twice; or use a lotion to wipe the skin. It is necessary to use the so-called essence water to enhance the skin's maintenance potential; or, if you have already used a full-featured essence, don't use the same kind of products with effective overlapping surfaces for peace of mind.

Try "muscle fasting" at the right time

The maintenance idea of ​​“muscle fasting” is still controversial in the maintenance industry, but in any case, after many people and beauty professionals have tried it, it is a particularly effective way to adjust the skin and leave a certain amount of skin. The time and space, with the skin's own healing ability, the skin can be healthier and stronger.

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