Stereo flat eyebrows teach you to create the most IN eyebrows

You don’t have to envy the beautiful eyebrows of the female stars in the Korean drama. You don’t have to complain about your eyebrows. It’s the most fashionable this year. Shape, teach you to create a stylish three-dimensional flat eyebrows.

Stereoscopic eyebrows explain you to create the most IN eyebrows

Flat eyebrow

We always like to imitate the makeup of the heroines in the Korean drama. I want you to bite the lip makeup. From the previous rough eyebrows to the current flat eyebrows, the makeup trend has also been changing. The shape of the eyebrows is crucial to the image of a person. The tangible and clean eyebrows are more likely to be close to the messy eyebrows, while the moderately thick eyebrows make people feel a hundred times more spiritual. At present, regardless of domestic or Korean, the most popular is flat eyebrow. How to make the three-dimensional eyebrows look good? The following tutorial is provided.

Stereoscopic eyebrows explain you to create the most IN eyebrows

First of all, you can find three points: brow, eyebrow and eyebrow.

The position of the brow is flush with the nose and the eye; the position of the eyebrow is flush with the outer edge of the nose and the pupil; the eyebrow is flush with the end of the eye.

Stereoscopic eyebrows explain you to create the most IN eyebrows

Step explanation:

1. Trim the eyebrows, figure out the ideal eyebrow shape, and remove or cut the hairs;

2. Use the eyebrow pencil to determine the position of the eyebrows, usually at an angle to the corners of the eyes.

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