Automatic Folder and Gluer for Carton Making Machine (MJZXJ-1)

Model NO.: MJZXJ-1
Power: 11.5kw
Trademark: ROYAL
Transport Package: Wooden Pallet, or Steel Pallet
Specification: CE
Origin: China
HS Code: 844180900
MJZXJ-1 Automatic Folder and Gluer
Automatic Folder and Gluer for Carton Making Machine (MJZXJ-1)
Automatic Folder and Gluer for Carton Making Machine (MJZXJ-1)
1. Introduction of the machine:
MJZXJ-1 automatic fold gluer consist of three parts which is feeding paper part, gluing & folding part and counting piling part, with PLC and colorful touch screen to adjust the speed, to adjust the width of carton. with easy-faster-precise-faithful controlling style, automatic feeding paper, automatic gluing and folding, automatic counting, automatic piling and output the carton, average working speed is 150pcs/min,max speed is 220pcs/min.High efficiency, save energy, enviromental is our top pursuit.
PLC is Delta brand made in Taiwan.
Colorful touch screen is Hitech brand made in Taiwan.
All the motor is Taiwan brand.
The electric part such like contactor, relay, button, knobs adopt Telemecanique brand.
The belt for vacuum and for transmission is Italy brand. 

2. Function and characteristics:
   Automatically finish the top folding and middle folding, meanwhile finish the glue belt stick of the upper and down part, save labor and time.
   suitable range is wide, can be used in different size of carton, quick and convenient to adjust.
   The machine work steady and reliable, the pasting quality is firm and high precision.
   Easy to operate and to maintain
   Automatic amend the carton right-angle degree.
3.Introduction of each parts
Feeding part

1) Paperboard height adjustment part is adopt high quality steel, can quick adjust different specification cartons, such as height and length.
2) The suction belt of feeding part adopts the high-tech materials, tension layer seamless joint the girdle which protect machine everything well in running.
3) Suction motor and main motor of feeding part adopts Taiwan brand which is high stability.
4) Adopt the high quality electromagnetic clutch and brake system so that make feeding part can be single paper or continuous operation which effective control the paperboard waste and output precision.
5) Pat part of feeding has effective reduce error of manual operation and improve the stability of paper feed.

Automatic Folder and Gluer for Carton Making Machine (MJZXJ-1)

Folding and gluing part:
1. Motor adopt European brand, with function of stability, speed adjustment speedy and without noise pollution
2. Seamless joint ring conveyor belt of folding part adopt imported special material which is high friction and high wear-resisting, can finish automatic folding accurately
3. Gluing part adopt high quality stainless steel gluing wheels, glue coated evenly,and can efficient to save glue.
4. Folding part equipped with single channel creasing correction and six coining device which can precision and efficient to correct paperboard's pressing line deviation and make carton finish folding accurately.

Automatic Folder and Gluer for Carton Making Machine (MJZXJ-1)

.Counting and piling part:
The finished product quantity can be counted and with good pilling, can setting the quantity of the out carton, and after pasting, the carton can be come out accord the setting number. The speed can be adjusted, can be controlled separately, the piling speed is 220m/min.
Correction stacking output part:
1. Stacking part has functions of auto-counting, stack neatly and stacking output, customer can set the output number of cartons by himself.
2. Automatic correction, stepless speed variator correction, automatic correct non-standard cartons.

Automatic Folder and Gluer for Carton Making Machine (MJZXJ-1)

Parts introduction:
1) Machine is 380V/AC, power is 11.5kw, energy conservation and high efficiency.
2) PLC computer components,frequency components and electric appliance all adopt high quality imported components.
3) Belt adopts Italy ring and seamless belt.
4) Bearing adopt famous brand "TR bearing"
5) Spiral screw,lead screw and nut all adopt 45# stainless steel with quench treatment.
6) Screw nut adopt high quality copper (ZQSn10-1), wear-resisting and durable, long life and drive precision is high.
7) Copper bush(ZQSn6-6-3) with oil lubrication, wear-resisting and durable
8) Machine is controlled by wireless remote device, can adjust paper size speedy and conveniently

Automatic Folder and Gluer for Carton Making Machine (MJZXJ-1)

Main Technology Parameter













Installation area




Power Required



5.    Remark: can make the machine by the user's requirement

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